Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's "Hap-pinning" Wednesday

Before I dive into today's "What's 'Hap-pinning' Wednesday," I wanted to give a special thank you to our nation's veterans. My great-grandfather {who is still with us at the ripe old age of 97} served in World War II, and I'm so thankful for his service to our country. It's true what they say: freedom is not free. So thank you, veterans, for your sacrifice and service to our country. 

This is a picture of my Paw-Paw wearing his Army jacket he was issued when he enlisted. And it still fits! He was actually wounded on Nov. 11 in France. 

Aside from our recent visit to my parents' house, I have been Christmas shopping up a storm! I, ahem, Santa, finished for Walker earlier this summer, but I'm working on getting everything for my family set up. I'm pretty much done with everyone except my brothers! 

Brandon's family draws names, and I drew his mother this year. Anyone have any ideas on what to get a woman who literally has everything? {And buys anything she wants?} I thought about a spa gift card, but she never uses them {I've tried that in the past} and gift cards are kind of frowned upon on his side of the family. I also thought about a year of a wine club subscription; thoughts on that? I'm usually pretty good at these things, but she has me stumped this year!

You can see some of my Christmas gift ideas for little ones here, here, and here!

I have tried and brought back to rotation a couple of yummy Pinterest recipes lately and thought I'd share those with y'all: 

I'm totally lusting after these Sam Edelman Riding Boots. Can Santa please bring them to me this year? Cough, cough, Brandon. ;)

I'm a sucker for any Christmas movie {and Diane Keaton}, so it's no surprise that I'm dying to see "Love the Coopers!" I absolutely love "The Family Stone," so if it's anything like that, I'm game. Basically any Christmas movie with an ensemble cast {ahem, "Love Actually"} is right up my alley! 

I can't wait to see what's going on with y'all today! Have a great Wednesday -- almost the weekend!! 

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  1. Your grandpa is so cute! Happy Veterans Day!! And I am a sucker for Christmas movies too. I can't wait to see that one!

  2. That spinach pesto pasta with shrimp looks delicious! And I'll take a pair of those boots, too please!
    For your MIL, does she like any shows or concerts that might be coming to town? That's what we do with my husband's parents (who have everything and buy everything)...we get them tickets to a show they would like to see (just tell you FIL not to get tickets to it!)
    Thanks for linking up with us today! And I love that photo of your Paw-paw!!

  3. How sweet is your grandfather in that jacket - what a great picture!! Loving all those delicious recipes you are sharing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. ummm really? Done shopping basically? Can you please come be my personal shopper? haha geez you go girl! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  5. You go girl - jealous you're close to done! I've got my list making done and game plan created and shopping is actually starting tonight - although I think I'll be doing lots more ordering than actual shopping. Mmm that shrimp recipe looks amazing!

  6. So jealous that you're nearly done shopping! MILs are hard to shop for! I agree with Jenn - tickets to something that she can go to with the family is a good idea. Or the classic framed family pictures! Good luck!

  7. I have those riding boots in black and they are fantastic (was wearing them last night and saw that friend had just bought a pair on my recommendation). When my brown ones wear out, I'll likely buy Penny too!

    Also, so glad that someone else loves The Family Stone! I feel like everyone I know hates that movie and I feel like something is wrong with me!

    Finally, ugh, what to get the person who has everything. Is there an event she would want tickets to? (Concert, lecture series, something like that?). I am all about giving experiences or consumables (like an X Of the Month club) because the last thing we all need is MORE STUFF (Says the girl who shares an 800 sq. ft. apartment, haha).


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