Monday, November 9, 2015


Happy Monday! Today is extra fun for us because Brandon took a personal day off work -- a  rarity around these parts. We're excited to spend the day with him and enjoy having him home with us for an extra day. But let's get to our weekend recap, shall we? It was a fun one! 

Brandon had been in Canada since last Sunday on a business trip, so Walker and I made the 3.5-ish-hour trek down to my parents' house. If you're from the South, you know that opening weekend of deer season is a big deal, so we had to go down to let Brandon take part. 

I absolutely love going to my parents' house; it's so relaxing on the lake and such a reprieve from big-city living. It's so quiet, I get to see so many people -- old and young -- I grew up with and around, and best of all, I get to see my entire family in one place! 

When we got there, it was time for Walker's nap. He fought me and fought me, and I finally pulled him in bed with me. Hearing those sweet little snores and him talking in his sleep right next to me was so worth the tears and "Mommy! NO NAP!" from a couple of hours before. 

That evening as my Dad blew leaves off their front yard, Walker spent over an hour running up and down their driveway with my brother Parker's old metal dump truck. He was so sweaty and dirty when he was finished playing; I'm thinking his Foxy and Papa will be getting him one of these for Christmas! ;) 

We had dinner together as a family and then called it a night after watching Baylor beat Kansas State in the "Little Apple!" #sicem

Walker and I took lunch to my little sister at school, then my Mom took my best friend Lindsey, her baby Austin, Walker and me to lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. It was so good to have some girl time and catch up with my BFF, who lives about four hours from me near Houston. 

That afternoon, my sister, Walker and I piled in the car and drove an hour south to pick Brandon up from an airport in Houston. Instead of his usual flight back into DFW, he flew into IAH to come deer hunting. {See, I told you we take it seriously! Ha!} 

After picking him up, we stopped for a much-needed coffee at Starbucks, then dropped Brandon and my little sister off at the deer lease a few miles north of my hometown. Since we were out there, Walker and I joined the men in my family {and my sister!} for dinner. Walker really enjoyed being out at the deer camp running around like a craze -- and eating the cookies my Nana sent out there! 

Walker and I left the deer lease late and came home to get some rest. We were both pooped from a long day!

A huge rainstorm passed through and it poured down rain ALL. DAY. LONG. It was insane. The water on the lake was crashing waves and the wind was howling. So, my Mom, Walker and I just stayed inside all morning being lazy bums. Walker decided to play with my siblings' old toys in a wig that morning. As one does. 

That afternoon, Walker and I drove out to the deer camp to have lunch with the guys {and my sister} to break up the day. My grandfather kept giving Walker more of my Nana's homemade molasses cookies; I think he ate five in about 1.5 hours! EEEK!!! 

Walker absolutely adores my brother, Parker {or "Par-ter," as he says}. He only wanted to be held by "Par-ter" and sit with him in a recliner watching football. I think it's a pretty mutual admiration. ;) 

Walker fell asleep on the 20-minute drive back to my parents', and when we got there, he had a second wind and was absolutely refusing to go back down for a nap…even nearly two hours later. My Mom and I knew he was so tired, so after trying to let him cry it out in his crib and pulling him into bed with me to try to nap, my Mom came upstairs, took Walker downstairs with her to nap and told me to get some sleep. That's what Moms/Foxys are for, right?! #lovebeinghome

That afternoon and evening, we all continued to be lazy and my Mom and I just talked while Walker played; we watched some college football upsets; and just hung around the house. 

My Mom made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then we went to church, and then had lunch with my Nana. As they say in my hometown, we were "Deer Widows" for the weekend. Ha! {But seriously, I always get tickled at the amount of women vs. men at church on Opening Weekend!} 

When we got home, the men were home getting cleaned up and packed up. We got our stuff ready to go while my Mom entertained the little man outside in the leaves. Precious! 

We hit the road for our drive; came home and unpacked; and I ran to our favorite local Mexican food restaurant to get dinner to-go. After Walker went down, Brandon and I watched the Cowboys game and called it an early night…it was so nice to sleep in our own bed! 

The amount of laundry I have waiting for me is astounding right now -- both mine and Walker's clothes rom the trip; Brandon's from his week-long business trip; Brandon's from the deer camp {disgusting} and those from last week still in my hamper. Someone come save me from laundry hell! ;) You know where I'll be today!

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  1. What a fun weekend full of family! And playing in the leaves! :)

  2. No place beats my parents house for me – always the best to relax and enjoy. Must be so nice to have your hubby back with you guys!

  3. I'm dying over Walker in that hat+wig!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! I find that most awesome weekends end with lots of laundry - THE worst part!