Monday, November 2, 2015


Happy Monday and Happy November! I can't believe this month is already here. I hope y'all had a wonderful, safe Halloween weekend. Here's how we spent ours:

We had gone to two separate Fall Festivals Wednesday and Thursday {picture below}, so we kept it pretty low-key on Friday. 

I made this easy recipe for dinner, and we all just hung out until Walker's bedtime. Brandon put Walker in these mummy jammies {from Gymboree} and I said, "Walker! I love your mummy jammies!" He looked at me funny and said, "Uhh…Daddy?" Poor sweet thing thought I was saying "mommy" and was so confused. Ha!

Saturday morning was spent at my sister-in-law's baby shower. She is due with twin girls in January {but are anticipating a December arrival}. They already have one daughter, Ellie Kate, and we are so excited to meet our newest nieces soon! 

Saturday afternoon, we all took big naps in preparation for the Halloween festivities! I made our traditional baked potato soup for dinner, and then Walker donned his Mickey Mouse costume for the third time last week -- seriously, the best $19.99 I have spent in a while! -- and we were off! 

We put Walker in his little car to go to the neighborhood behind us that goes all out for Halloween. {Our neighborhood are a bunch of fun-suckers when it comes to Halloween! Boo!} He loved being escorted to the houses! When we'd pull up to a group, he'd get out and walk right up to the door. 

My aunt joined us for the trick-or-treating, which was extra fun. Once Walker got the hang of the fact that all he had to say was, "Trick-or-Treat!" and people would give him candy, he was loving it! 

Our little Mickey Mouse was quite mesmerized by this inflatable Mickey Mouse set!

He had quite a full pumpkin when the night was over, and we did the traditional checking-through-the-candy-for-razorblades-and-needles-and-other-dangerous-stuff before letting him have a few M&M's before bath time. 

Once Walker was down for the night, we flipped through cheesy Halloween movies on TV before setting our clocks back and going to bed. 

Walker slept until about 6:30 {the old 7:30}, so that was fun. Someone posted this on Facebook and I couldn't help but laugh. #parenting 

We went to church, then went out and had lunch together, then came home and all took naps/watched football on TV all afternoon. It was a perfect, lazy, rainy Sunday! 

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  1. Awww the pics of Walker trick-or-treating are adorable!! So glad it was a great weekend!

  2. What a cute little Mickey!! And those mummy pjs! Too cute.

  3. What a cute little Micky Mouse! Our friends kept sending pictures of their kids in costumes all weekend and I think it was my favorite part of Halloween. Nothing cuter than seeing the little ones all dressed up!

  4. Walker looked a little unsure about his costume in that first photo - he's so sweet and even cuter in those jammies!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Loved the Mickey Mouse costume! So adorable!!

  6. Such a cute little Mickey Mouse! Can't wait for the age of trick or treating (and the mommy candy tax!). Logan actually let us sleep in a little on Sunday. It was a Daylight Savings miracle. :)

  7. Walker is so adorable in his Halloween costume!! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Congrats to your sister in law - that's so exciting :)

  8. Again, Walker is just so darling!! He looks too cute in his costume! Baked potato soup at home is seriously one of our favorites!


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