Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Friday, y'all! 

Walker and I went to The Galleria on Tuesday to do a little Christmas shopping, and let me tell you, nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit like that giant Christmas tree in the middle of the ice skating rink! 

The little man kept saying, "Tree, Mommy?" and would just stand there and stare at it. I love seeing the magic and wonder of this season through his eyes. It truly makes me feel like a kid again with all of the anticipation, wonder and awe. I guarantee you I'm going to have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve, too! Ha! 

I finally became a Sephora VIB! I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm really excited about being able to shop their sales first and try some new products out. 

Speaking of new products from Sephora, I recently purchased Bliss' FatGirlSleep Overnight Cream on a whim. I must say, I'm really impressed! It was on sale for $28.50 {down from $38}, and I wondered if there was something wrong with it. But no! It's awesome. It comes in a really big tub {6 oz.}, and not only does it smell clean, I really do feel like it works wonders on my skin's troubled spots. 

Totally not a review and I wasn't compensated for that, I just love it so much I wanted to give a shout-out! 

During Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale this summer, I purchased this tunic shirt {in white} that came highly recommended from other bloggers. I love it and seriously wear it at least once a week…especially since I'm in that stage of pregnancy where people who don't know I'm pregnant think I am either just a chunk or drink too many beers at night. Moving on! It's a great tunic because it's long enough to wear with leggings if you're just running errands and wrangling a toddler, but you can also dress it up with skinny jeans. I've also worn it to church with my favorite black cigarette pants and Tory Burch wedges. 

Anyway, as I was strolling through The Galleria on Tuesday, I noticed the blue was marked down to $28 and some change. It's not on Nordstrom's website anymore, but stop by and see if the blue is in your local store. For $28, I couldn't beat that…and it will look so cute this spring {and will be great at hiding post-baby weight}! 

I promise to do a full post next week about Baby #2, but in the meantime, I need some advice from you mamas out there. I'm right at 13.5 weeks with this baby, and I'm having major insomnia. Literally to the point of sleeping three hours a night {not consecutively} and being exhausted all day, but then I can't sleep when I lay down to take a nap while Walker is napping. 

I never had this when I was pregnant with Walker during any trimester {probably because I was so ridiculously sick all day, every day that I was absolutely exhausted at night}, and I just don't know what to do. I've tried taking Unisom, but even that doesn't seem to help, and neither does the Diclegis my OB prescribed me for my nausea, which also doubles as a sleep aid. Did any of y'all suffer from this?

So can you help a lady out? I'm so worn out, but this whole not-sleeping-and-chasing-after-a-toddler-all-day thing has got to stop. 

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. That tree is MASSIVE!!! I'm impressed by it, too! Love that you found a great deal on a shirt that you love--the best! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. You are literally due 4 days before me, the only difference, this is my first! We also haven't made a public announcement yet, but plan to next week! So sorry you are having trouble sleeping, my main problem is having to get up to use the bathroom so many times! Hope it gets better!

  3. I should have totally scooped that tunic up during the sale - kicking myself for it!! Hope you have a great weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Try taking a relaxing bubble bath an hour before you typically go to bed. This always helped me when I was having trouble sleeping during pregnancy. Hope you get some rest soon!

  5. Oh I had it with baby #2 as well, it was terrible. I stalked down an essential oils lady in my town and bought YL Peace & Calming, & Lavender Oil. A drop of each on my big toes when I got in bed KNOCKED ME OUT, oh and melatonin.

  6. Yuck, I had terrible insomnia with my first two pregnancies and it is already starting with my third! The only thing that helps me is to find a good book and a light reading lamp. I use to try to just fight it out and lay there hoping I would eventually fall back asleep, but my mind usually get the best of me at that point! If I have to get up to use the restroom I usually know I am doomed the rest of the night! If I read though, I have found I usually fall back asleep faster that way than any other! Good luck!!

  7. I love seeing all the decorations up at the mall - all so gorgeous! That big tree is HUGE though and quite fabulous!


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