Friday, November 6, 2015


Happy Friday! 

If you're ever in your local HomeGoods store and you spot a Makers of Wax Goods candle, be sure to pick one up! I recently picked up their Juniper Black Myrrh wood wick candle, and it's my new fall favorite. It's perfectly un-sweet, bold and a great detour from the sweet-smelling Bath & Body Works pumpkin candles I had burning all September and October. I love it! 

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have! {I mean, I really have since this summer!} I've been picking up gifts here and there, and Walker and I went Tuesday and spent a good chunk of the morning picking up a few things for people. We went into the Kendra Scott store and he stole the show; the sweet ladies were fawning all over him, and he was eating it up! And even though it certainly didn't feel like the holiday season outside, the Christmas music playing in Kendra Scott got me so excited for the holidays! {And yes, I'll admit that we started listening to Mariah Carey's Holiday Pandora station during Walker's bath time that night!}

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I love using Ebates for my shopping! I mean, you literally get paid when you shop online…and the way I see it is that I'm saving us money! Ha! 

It's a simple philosophy: when you make a purchase online, visit Ebates first. Type in the store you want to visit and a little drop-down menu will show up with the cash back percentage Ebates is offering that day. Click on that and it opens a new link to take you to your online store where you want to shop. Make your purchase and earn the percentage back on what you spend! The money is either sent to you via a paper check or deposited in your Paypal account. 

If you need a referral link for Ebates, click here!

One of my recent cheapie purchases that I'm loving is Bath & Body Works' Eucalyptus Mint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. It smells so clean and fresh; I like using it in my bathrooms! It's only $6.50, but Bath & Body Works is doing a 4 for $18 or 6 for $24 deal right now. You can't beat that! 

I'm not gonna lie: I absolutely despise ironing. Loathe it. It's my least favorite chore ever. 

When I started staying at home in August, one way we cut some costs was to stop using dry cleaning services. Since I was staying at home and not wearing my fancy work clothes every day, that cut our necessity of dry cleaning by half, so we decided to just scrap it. But that means that I'm now responsible for ironing Brandon's work shirts and pants {and anything of mine that needs ironing}. AND I HATE IT. 

Not gonna lie again, I've had the same four shirts hanging up on my built-in ironing board since Saturday. Almost a week. They stare at me every time I walk in the back door {since we enter through the laundry room}. "Iron" has been on my to-do list since Monday. #sigh

Am I the only one who hates ironing? 

Y'all know I love me some Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. So when I saw this funny on Pinterest, I had to giggle.

So of course this cracked me up, too: 

Okay, last one:

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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  1. HA! Those are some great funnies. Good work on starting Christmas shopping! I have started for Logan, but no one else. haha

  2. I just picked up a M. of W. G. candle in Driftwood and Sea Salt and I am loving it! It is a great scent!!

  3. Oh I hate ironing!!! The bad thing is, I let it build up for a month or 2, run out of clothes and then have to spend 2-3 hours ironing. The only decent thing is I get to watch a whole movie while doing it ;)

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