Monday, October 12, 2015


Happy Monday! 

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It was our five-year anniversary! Thank y'all for your sweet comments on Friday's blog! 

We had a lazy morning: we ran a few errands and then I took Walker to a Toddler Time Storytime at our local library. He wasn't too into it until near the end when the teacher brought out the bubble machine. ;) 

When he woke up from his nap, Walker gave me by far the biggest scare of his short little 20 months. As he usually does when he wakes up from his naps, he holds on to the crib rail and jumps up and down excitedly. I saw it all happen in slow motion: he jumped super high and rammed his chin onto the crib, and all I saw was blood…and a lot of it. I wasn't sure if he busted his chin, bit his tongue, bit his lip -- so many options. I immediately grabbed him and blood was pooling out of his mouth. I quickly called the pediatrician, practically threw Walker in the carseat and we raced to the doctor. 

After a thorough inspection, it was determined that Walker bit his tongue so hard it split open in two places. Y'all, it sounds so little, but it looks terrible. Not to mention the huge bruise he has on his chin! Yet another reason we'll be moving to a big-boy bed soon…! 

Seriously, that wasn't even half the blood. It was all over him, me, our carpet, my kitchen tile, his bed, changing pad, and somehow my dresser. Seriously. 

After that crazy afternoon, we decided to meet our friends Ashley and Steven and their daughter Caroline at a local Mexican restaurant. They're celebrating their five-year anniversary in two weeks, and we all concluded -- as our children were running around the patio and screaming at the top of their lungs -- that five years later looks quite different! Ha! {But we wouldn't have it any other way.} 

Brandon and I came home and watched "American Sniper" after Walker went to bed, and I really liked it! 

I woke up to Brandon in the kitchen making banana pancakes and eggs. Yum! 

After a super lazy morning of watching "College Game Day," playing with Walker and even a quick nap for me, we got dressed and headed to The Cheesecake Factory for a low-key anniversary celebration. {In all truthfulness, we had a gift card to there that was burning a hole in our pocket, and since we already officially celebrated in Jamaica this summer, we decided to just have a kid-friendly lunch to "celebrate." ;) } 

We ran a few errands and then popped into Home Goods, where Walker was, quite literally, the King of the Castle in this hilarious chair. Thanks for the good laugh, Home Goods! 

We watched a lot of college football {Sic 'Em, Bears and Hook 'Em Horns!}; I made this for dinner; and we just lazed around. 

I have absolutely no pictures of Sunday, because it was pretty much the same as Friday night and Saturday. We're loads of fun, I tell ya! ;) 

I hope y'all all had wonderful weekends! I can't wait to read all about them! 


  1. Oh my goodness, that would be quite the scare! So glad your little one is ok! Sounds like a very nice weekend minus that!

  2. So glad Walker is ok, I know that was so scary! Those pancakes look sooo yummy! Glad you guys got to celebrate your anniversary :)

  3. That poor sweet baby! I hope he is okay now! How terrifying! My little brother split his chin open more than once as a child, and my poor parents were a wreck over it. I hope all is well now!

  4. We have that exact same chair at our local home goods in Holland, MI!!! I thought it was a fluke, some big designer furniture store wanted to get rid of it but I guess they made quiet a few of these! Sorry to hear about poor little Walker but glad to hear he is doing better.

  5. Aw, I hope Walker's mouth is doing better soon - poor little thing! Breakfast on Saturday looks absolutely delicious! Love your anniversary lunch - so sweet!

  6. That sounds so scary! I'm glad he's ok! Sounds like you had a good weekend otherwise. Walker in that chair is too funny. You guys have been having some comical trips to HomeGoods lately!

  7. So sorry to hear about your little guys chin! But glad he is OK! The cheesecake factory is one of my favorite places, happy five year anniversary!😊

  8. Oh my gosh poor Walker - that is so scary! Glad you all were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend though! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Sorry about Walker's chin♥♥ Those pancakes look so yummy♥♥

  10. We recently had a similar incident with Natalie! She did not bite all the way through but my goodness was there a lot of blood. I called my mom (former ER nurse) and she said to just ice it because unless it went all the way through there wasn't anything the hospital was going to do but potentially traumatize her and then charge us $300 for the popsicle. I am pretty sure my husband was more worried about her tongue than she was! She was acting and eating normally in no time! But she does have a mean scar from it! Hopefully Walker recovers as quickly!


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