Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: October 2015

Happy Wednesday! 

Y'all, I feel like October flew by! I know I say this every month, but I can't believe November is in three days…that means Christmas is right around the corner! 

I'm joining together with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for "What's Up Wednesday"…

…to answer the following questions: 

So let's get to it! 

{1} What We're Eating This Week: 
We had a yummy meal week, if I do say so myself! 

We had my family's famous meatloaf; Angel Chicken; my family's taco soup; tacos; and of course, Taco Tuesday Night OUT where mama doesn't have to cook = best night of the week! Ha! 

{2} What I'm Reminiscing About
Walker's first Halloween last year! I can't believe we're officially on all of his second holidays now. I feel like it all went by so fast. {Sniff, sniff!} Just for grins, here's our little lion last year: 

See also: barely old enough to stand up, so he crawled his way over to my candy stash! Now he's running around my house asking for, "Moh tandy, peeeeeeese." 

{3} What I'm Loving 
I'm loving that fall decided to finally arrive in North Texas! I've actually been able to wear long sleeved shirts and jeans -- and all of my other fun fall clothing -- and I just want to shout from the rooftops: "FINALLY!" 

{4} What We've Been Up To
As always, we're pretty busy bees around here! Aside from hosting our pumpkin painting party earlier this week, here's what we've been up to: reading lots and lots of books; hitting up our local library's Toddler Storytime; playing with sensory bins; hitting up the State Fair of Texas {Walker and my very first visit!}; visiting the pumpkin patch with our friends Ashley and Caroline; celebrating our five-year wedding anniversary {mini in tow}; making my first solo car trip down my to parents' for a little visit while Brandon was traveling for work; hosting our pumpkin painting party; and enjoying the nice weather by being outside as much as we can! 

{5} What I'm Dreading
I don't know if "dreading" is the right word, but I'm definitely not looking forward to making another solo car trip down to my parents' next month. Brandon will be traveling again, and I committed before I took my previous car trip with him {where he chose to not nap at all the 3.5-hours going down nor the 3.5-hours coming back!}. So, I'll be glad to actually get to my parents' house, but I'm not looking forward to the ride down with the little man! 

{6} What I'm Working On
Still working on Walker's big-boy room, as as I was last month! I broke down and ordered the Vintage Airplane Blueprint Sheet Set from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and am completely in love with them! Here is one of my inspiration pictures from RH. I can't wait to show you Walker's finished room! 

{7} What I'm Excited About 
I know people get so anal when people gloss right over Thanksgiving and jump on the Christmas bandwagon -- and I go back and forth about that -- but I am excited for Walker to experience the holiday season this year. He was sick with pneumonia on Christmas Day last year, and we spent the day after Christmas driving back home to Dallas from my parents' and sitting in an Urgent Care clinic with him. So, all of that to say, I'm really hoping for a much better second Christmas for the little man! 

But, I'll stand by what I said about Thanksgiving vs. Christmas last month: I much prefer the actual Thanksgiving holiday more than the actual Christmas holiday because you are able to get together with family without the added pressure of gift-giving, gift-receiving and the typical family drama. You eat a meal, take a nap, and go home. It's a win-win for everyone! 

And just for grins, here's our little sickie last Christmas -- and seriously, pray we stay well this Christmas or I just might cry! 

{8} What I'm Watching/Reading
We are on the final season of "Friday Night Lights" on Netflix, and I think I might cry! We've been watching it for two months and I told Brandon on Monday night, "I don't know what I'm going to do when this show is over!" It's so good. Of course, other than FNL, we're watching all of our fall TV, and I must say that "Quantico" is really a new favorite of mine!

{9} What I'm Listening To
Still super thankful for my Sirius radio! The 90s and Pop2K stations are my absolute favorites! During the day, I also like to turn on Jazz music on our DirecTV and have that playing throughout the house. I've found it's a lot more soothing than keeping the TV on for noise! 

{10} What I'm Wearing 
I'm not gonna lie: I wear yoga pants about four out of seven days a week…and I'm not even ashamed to admit it! If we're actually going somewhere in which I have to actually dress like a human instead of a tired mom, I have really been getting miles out of my Old Navy distressed skinny jeans {sadly, no longer available} and my Sam Edelman "Felicia" leopard flats. I've also been loving mixing prints {see my blog post about that here}; currently I'm really into mixing plaid and leopard. 

{11} What I'm Doing This Weekend
It's Halloween weekend, so we're doing all of the Halloween things with Walker! Halloween on a Saturday = perfection. 

Brandon and my favorite Halloween tradition is to make Jenny Steffens Hobick's baked potato soup and watch cheesy Halloween movies after Walker has gone to bed. Oh, and of course, sneak the child's Halloween candy. Because, I mean…duh. ;)

{12} What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Sweet Liz is taking our family portraits {AKA: Christmas card photo shoot!}; Brandon is going deer hunting on Opening Weekend; Thanksgiving and stuffing my face with yummy food {of course!}; and lots and lots of family time. Oh, and preparing for Christmas. ;) 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Painting

I never loved Halloween until I had a baby. With them, it's like you get a second chance at childhood and fall in love with holidays all over again seeing it through their eyes. 

In celebration of Halloween week, I invited two of my friends and their littles over yesterday to paint pumpkins. Pumpkin carving at this age is a bit difficult {you know, knives and all…} and kids love to paint and make a mess, so this was a fun way to decorate pumpkins for our front porch for Halloween! 

I had some small snacks for the kiddos, and coffee and wine for the mamas, of course! 

We had "Pumpkin Cups" = Dole Mixed Fruit Cups with a Sharpie-drawn Jack-O-Lantern face. 

"Boo!" Cheese Sticks = Mozzarella cheese sticks with a Sharpie-drawn ghost face. 

Mini Jack-O-Lanterns = Clementines with Sharpie-drawn Jack-O-Lantern faces.

Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs {using this recipe

"Ghost Juice" = Horizon Organic Vanilla Lowfat Milk boxes 

Applesauce Pouches {Kroger brand due to the current recall!} 

After snacks for the littles and visiting for the mamas, we started to paint the pumpkins! Since they're toddlers, I used Crayola Washable Paint poured on paper plates and foam paint brushes. We had cloudy, chilly weather yesterday morning, so I laid down old towels and blankets and let them paint in my living room. 

Walker painting his pumpkin. 

Caroline painting her pumpkin with help from her mama, Ashley. 

Silas painting his pumpkin with the help of his mama, Stacy. {Not pictured, their sweet new baby girl, Marlee!} 

It finally cleared up for us to take pictures of the kiddos with their pumpkins outside. And trying to get a picture of three littles all under two = HILARIOUS. 

And clearly Walker was done and ready to play! 

Happy Halloween Week!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Happy Friday! 

We have gotten a ton of rain the past day and a half {and are expecting a ton more through Sunday night}, so our weekend plans of attending Baylor's Homecoming festivities are sadly over. Baylor has cancelled a ton of the weekend activities and there's no chance in hell I'm taking an almost-two-year-old to a game in the pouring down rain. No, thank you! 

So, we improvise! Yesterday, Walker and I lit some candles, got cozy on the couch and watched "Mickey's Monster Musical." And I suspect we'll be doing a lot more of this this weekend! {Which is fine by me!} 

I bought this shirt from Old Navy {where else?} recently and am completely in love with it. It's so comfortable, so versatile and perfect for Texas' fall weather. 

I wore it to my niece's birthday party last weekend with destructed jeans and my Tory Burch wedges, but there are so many more outfit combinations to come with this cute top: 

Have y'all seen Ellen's Haunted House video? OMG, y'all, this had me in tears I was laughing so hard yesterday! I am so freaked out by haunted houses, so this would totally be me. 

Y'all, I hate to complain on my blog, but I have had it up to here with Pottery Barn Kids

We are getting stuff started on Walker's big-boy room, and the sales associates just don't have their acts together. One very sweet customer service agent told me I could use two promotional codes on my order and that I'd get my money refunded for my order {since I was ordering via phone, as PBK's website wasn't working}. I called to check on the status of the refund, only to be met with horribly rude customer service agent {and a manager} telling me that I couldn't use two promotional codes on my order and that I wouldn't be refunded my money, even though the first customer service agent told me I could and put it in my order notes to start the refund process. Oh, that made me so mad! {Nothing makes my blood boil than rude customer service agents who have horrible customer service!} Needless to say, we will not be buying anything from Pottery Barn Kids for a long while. #rantover #sorryyall 

Sadly, I'm so sleepy as I'm typing this that I don't have anything else for a "5" today! So, I'll leave you with this cute thing who was all smiles before his "school" pictures at Mother's Day Out on Wednesday! Of course, I had to make a potty noise in order for this kid to smile at me. #boymom 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday

Hi, friends! I'm back for another round of "What's 'Hap-pinning' Wednesday" with Jessi and Jenn

My past few days have been comprised with this: 

Yup, potty training. And yes, I'm that mom who just posted this picture. 

Walker has shown a huge interest in it lately, even telling us when he has to go or has gone {and literally screaming when he has to put a diaper on}, so we are taking it very slowly. We ordered this potty, these big-boy undies, this book and these stickers for the journey. Wish us luck…because I am about to pull my hair out! 

Other than that, I have been thrilled that fall TV is back. I've been watching a ton of "Ladies of London," "Real Housewives," "Quantico," "Blood & Oil," "Modern Family," "Law & Order: SVU" and of course, "Friday Night Lights" on Netflix. 

Loving how gorgeous Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge looked at last night's State Dinner at Buckingham Palace. 

Pinning these S'mores Graham Krispie Treats…

This dreamy kitchen…

And these funnies

I can't wait to read what's 'hap-pinning' with y'all! 
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