Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What's Happ-"pinning" Wednesday

Hey y'all! I'm back for another round of "What's Happ-'pinning' Wednesday" with Jessi and Jenn

We've had a busy little week so far this week! We met a friend and her kiddos at the Galleria; I just got back from my great-uncle's funeral in Louisiana; Walker has Mother's Day Out today; Gymboree tomorrow; and plans with a friend on Friday. Even though fall has {still} not yet arrived in Texas, our mornings are relatively cool -- as in 70* -- so we've been spending a lot of time out walking, even though we're both eaten alive by mosquitoes when we get back! 

Walker and I received some Pampers Swaddlers diapers from Influenster through their #SagtoSwag box, and let me tell you what: we love them! We used Pampers Swaddlers on Walker when he was a newborn, and then moved to Pampers Cruisers when he got older and was moving around. Apparently Pampers has redone their Swaddlers diaper, and I could really tell a difference in the sagging in his bum. So thank you, Influenster and Pampers, for sending these our way! 

I'm still majorly lusting after the window panes and magnolia wreath for our bedroom, like this

And I need to make a run to either Hobby Lobby or Michael's for some cotton stems to put in a couple of vases around my house, like this

I got on an organizing kick the other day and seriously threw out about three extra pairs of sheets I had laying around that we never use; a ton of medicines in our medicine cabinet; and organized things in our hallway linen closet. I was just tired of seeing "stuff!" {And yes, I'm a huge purger!} But then I saw this on Pinterest and it's definitely something I'm wanting to do with all of our "stuff" outside that keeps piling up in our garage, although I'm terrified of something creepy-crawly getting in there and giving me a nice scare: 

Even though we've had a lot going on this week, it's definitely nothing to write home about. ;) I can't wait to read what's "happ-'pinning'" with y'all! Have a great Wednesday! 


  1. I love that window pane with the wreath--so cute! I wanted something like that for our guest bedroom in the basement but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for just yet. Those look perfect tho!
    You guys have definitely been busy--I'm sorry to hear about your great uncle :(
    Mosquitos have been nuts...even now. I got a bite on my chin and on my hand this weekend! So weird
    Thanks for linking up with us and sharing the button :)

  2. Good for you on the organizing! I'm working on cleaning out & organizing at our house right now too and it's so cleansing!

  3. We are right there with you on the mosquitoes! They are horrible right now here in South Georgia. Can't wait for more permanent Fall weather :)

  4. Wow, busy week! Now I want to go to Hobby Lobby! :)


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