Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walker is 20 Months!

Walker, you are exactly 20 months old today and my mama heart can't quite believe that you're closer to two years old than one. You're growing too fast for our liking, sweet boy! 

Walker is 29 pounds and still such a sweet little boy. I'm truly loving getting to be home with him every day and spending more and more time with him. 

He is such a "Chatty Cathy" and really repeats everything we say these days. A few weeks ago, our crazy cat, Oliver, was whining to go outside and I said, exasperated, "Oliver, you're a nut!" Walker was sitting at the breakfast table and said, "Nut!" and pointed to Oliver. I was half-mortified, half-tickled. He repeats everything! His vocabulary has expanded so much that I can't even keep track of everything he says, but we our recent favorites are "Go Dog, Go!" which sounds like, "Doe dog doe!", "Llama Llama" {after the books}, which sounds like, "Lana yana" and "Hop on Pop," which sounds like, "Pop on Pop." It's so sweet. 

He has so much energy and wears me out! He loves to play outside, swim, run, play chase, run some more, color outside with chalk, be in his little Gymboree Play & Music class, go to his once-a-week Mother's Day Out "school," and generally just be an active toddler boy. I'm dreading winter when it will be too cold to play outside because I know he will be devastated. He constantly goes to the back door and says, "Outside?" He loves being out there. My favorite times lately have been in the mornings when it's cool. He can barely finish his breakfast before he's making a run for the back door…without any pants, no less!

His favorite toys right now are any books {"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", "Go Dog, Go!", "Roadwork" and "Llama Llama Misses Mama" are quite high on his list of late}; playing with puzzles {currently this one is his favorite}; his car; his jungle gym; any type of ball; and any sort of slide. He also loves this CD and we can't be in the car with him without listening to it on repeat!

He is still a great eater! {I'm terrified of what his appetite will be when he's a teenager.} He eats whatever we eat for lunch and dinner, but his favorite things to eat are cheese cubes, applesauce, graham crackers, Goldfish, PB&J, sweet potatoes, broccoli/carrot veggie mix, watermelon and blue corn tortilla chips. 

He now has 11 teeth, and I'm seeing his K-9's and another set of molars pop through. 

He is in size 5 diapers for day and overnight. He's in 24 months and 2T clothes, and 2T pajamas. He wears a size 6 shoe. 

As usual, he's a great sleeper! He goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. and sleeps until 7 a.m. {sometimes a little later}, and takes one nap around 12:30 p.m. that lasts anywhere from 2-3 p.m.

He absolutely adores Brandon, and seeing him literally jump up and down when he walks through the door in the evenings is priceless. He'll follow him back to our room so he can change clothes and the entire time, Walker is just yelling, "Daddy! Daaaaa-ddyyyy! DADDY!" It makes me smile every time I hear it. 

Every morning when he wakes up, he points to his rocking chair and says, "Rock?" that sounds like, "Wok?" It melts my heart to just sit there in the mornings, rocking my sweet baby and reading the book we read the night before. 

Walker is also a very big animal lover and would kiss every animal if we'd let him. I'll purposely take him to PetsMart with me to get more food for Oliver just so we can stop and look at all the animals. 

So there you have a brief overview of our precious little guy! 

We love you to the moon and back, Walker!


  1. I think that Shep and Walket would be best friends if they could! They sound so similar! Walker sounds like a sweet, smart little boy and I bet you are loving watching him grow and learn everyday!


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