Friday, September 11, 2015


Happy Friday! Yay for the start of the weekend!

I can't let today pass without pausing to acknowledge the horrific acts that occurred on this day 14 years ago. I will forever remember where I was when I heard the news that a plane had struck the first World Trade Center tower. And then the next. And then the Pentagon. And then crashed in a field in Pennsylvania: I was in 9th grade and changing classes to go to my Health class when Ryan Brown said, "America is under attack!" We glued our eyes to Coach Cornelision's big computer and the TV in our classroom the entire period in sheer silence. The pure hatred people had {and still have} for our country still brings tears to my eyes to this day. 

Walker started his once-weekly Mother's Day Out this week, and he loved it! His teachers are just precious and I love that he'll have a few hours each week in a classroom getting some instruction, being around other kiddos and getting his energy out! They learned about Genesis 1:1, so he came home telling me all about the "moooo, sunnnn and 'tars." {Moon, sun and stars.} It was precious!

After doing six loads of laundry yesterday {ugh}, I saw this quote on Pinterest and it literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you, dryer, because I really wanted to watch another episode of "Gilmore Girls" while Walker took a nap! ;)

After reading Christina's post about the DOHM White Noise Sound Machine, I'm thinking it's going on my wish list. Our house is relatively small and noise travels, so I think this would be perfect for us for sleeping -- and maybe even one for Walker eventually, too. Do any of y'all have one of these or have any experience with one? 

I've been pinning up a storm lately in the search of yummy, easy Crock Pot recipes. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to use my Crock Pot, I don't want to do 304 steps, too. None of this "chop seven different vegetables, sauté them, sear the meat, etc." No! I want the Crock Pot to do the work for me! Ha! #lazy

Aside from my roast, potatoes and carrots that I typically use my Crock Pot for, I found these recipes on Pinterest. Have any of y'all tried them? 

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  1. Haha! I'm with ya on the crock pot thing! If I have to do anything other than pressing "on" on my crock pot, it's not worth it to me!

  2. I'm totally the same way about crock pot meals! What's the point if I have to pre-cook everything?! Definitely trying out a few of those recipes. And yes to the dryer funny! Have a good weekend girl!

  3. you have to tell me if you get the dohm! i have been eyeing it up thanks to her post, too :-) and all of those crock pot recipes have me drooling..I love comfort foods in the fall!

  4. Could Walker be any cuter for his MDO?! I can't believe it's been 14 years...

  5. Definitely going to try some of those crockpot recipes nothing better than coming home and not having to slave over a stove all evening and you always know you'll eat something yummy for dinner! I am so excited for fall just so I can use my crockpot ha.

  6. Totally agree with the crock pot, I want to dump everything in there and let it handle the rest! That's cute what they learned at MDO, too precious!!

  7. I have the DOHM and love it. Like, can't-live-without-it-dragged-it-to-hawaii love it!


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