Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weird Things About Me

I was reading Shay's "weird things about me" post and Kelsey's "owning it" post the other day and was getting so tickled -- so much so that I decided to do one, too! 

Let's face it: I'm a little weird. We're all a little weird. Life's a little weird. And we all have those little "isms" that make us just a little different from the next person. 

Here are some things I'm just gonna get out there about my weird self: 

1. I have this weird thing about unpainted toenails + open-toed shoes on women. It totally and completely weirds me out. I always have painted toes -- even in the dead middle of winter! That said, if there's one thing I'll always splurge on, it's pedicures.

2. I vacuum my house every single day. We have super dark wood floors and you can see the tiniest speck of anything on them -- and I can't handle that. So, I vacuum every day. It drives my husband crazy. {As an aside, I'm completely obsessed with my vacuum!}

3. I'm an insane clean freak. If my house is dirty, I feel like I can't concentrate until it's clean. And on that note, before we go on vacation, I have to clean our house from top to bottom -- and I'm talking washing duvet covers, dusting and sweeping off the front porch. Why? Because I hate coming home to a dirty house and because I always think, "If I die and someone has to come in here, at least they'll know I was clean!" Weird, right?!

4. I probably should have been a dermatologist. If I see a giant pimple on someone's face, I seriously want to say to them, "Can I just get that for you?" It drives me crazy! {Gross, I know.} 

5. Nothing makes me more infuriated than when people don't know how to use the correct form of "your." 

  • Your = yours, it belongs to you (It is your responsibility to know the correct form of this word.)

  • You're = you + are (You're driving me crazy because you don't know.)

6. I am one of those people who texts in full sentences, with punctuation and the full word. When I get a text that says, "Can u come here" I just die a little inside. I mean, how hard is it to type the "y" and the "o" before the "u" and add a question mark? 

{The grammar freak in me really wants to add a comma after the word "English." I know, I know. But this was too funny not to post!}

7. I write my grocery list out twice: once just jotting down everything I need, and then I re-write it in the order the items are in the store. It makes getting in and getting out so much faster! And, I complete my errands in an order: the furthest away place first, and then I work my way backward toward home. 

8. To better prepare myself for the next day, I do as much as I can the night before: lay out my clothes, shoes and jewelry; lay out Walker's clothes and shoes; pack lunches, if necessary; get as much of breakfast ready as I can; fill up my Camelbak and put it in the fridge; and put anything I need to take with me the next day in the car. It makes my mornings so much smoother! 

9. I had horrible morning sickness during my first trimester when I was pregnant with Walker. So much so that I could keep hardly anything down and only had a select few items I could actually eat. One of those was {emphasis on was} able to eat were Frosted Mini Wheats. Buuuuuuut, I threw them up one time and absolutely cannot eat them again. To be completely honest, I can't even pass them on the cereal aisle in the grocery store without getting a little nauseous. It was that bad.

10. I am go, go, go all day long -- from the second I wake up at 5 a.m. to the second I lay my head on the pillow at night. When I get still at night, I'm out. It truly is a struggle for me to stay awake watching a TV show on weeknights or a movie on weekend nights. Brandon always tells me: "Don't get horizontal on that couch!" because he knows the second I do, I'm done. 

11. I love history and will freely admit that I'm a history nerd! But on that note, if I watch a historical movie, TV show or documentary {e.g. "The Astronaut Wives Club,"} I then go and Google everything about them, look at pictures of them, read a book or Wikipedia about them -- anything until I feel like I've learned all I need to or want to know about them. SO WEIRD. 

12. I love, love that feeling of preparing for the first day of school, even though Walker isn't old enough to go to actual school just yet. I love buying a couple of new outfits, getting school supplies together, making doctor and dentist appointments, and just that fun anticipation in the air.

So what about you? What are your "isms?" 


  1. Yes to #6!! And I also like to have a clean house before vacation (not quite as detailed as yours ha!) because coming home to a messy house would stress me out. Your reason of you dying and having people have to come to your house cracks me up!! And I don't think #8 was weird -- actually really smart!! I use the app called AnyList for my groceries and I love how it sorts it by asile for me. Such a time saver :)

  2. I totally agree with your first couple of -isms! I only know what my bare toenails look like when I take off one polish to put on another! I have kept them painted since high school. I swiffer my hardwoods everyday, too, because they are dark wood and my husband just doesn't get it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Yes to #7!! I do the exact same thing! With a 7 month old it's a necessity!!

    Also: can you use your vacuum on carpet as well? I have two dogs that she'd and cleaning my floors is a full time job!! I have a Rainbow and pulling that out every days is just not feasible but with a soon to be crawler I'm stressing over the dog hair!! I mainly have hardwood floors but a few rooms are carpeted.

    1. Yes! I love it! You can go from carpet to wood to tile without turning it off. It's awesome!

  4. My husband would TOTALLY agree with you about #4, ew!!! And I totally agree with #5, a huge pet peeve of mine! Loved learning a little about you and happy to have found your cute blog! Xoxo

  5. I love #1...unpainted toenails creep me out!!! I also HATE going on vacation and leaving our house dirty.

  6. We are so alike, it's quite scary!!
    HAVE to have painted toenails
    Got to always be clean - I clear up, wipe and clean all day
    Grammar mistakes drive me batty (cue English major)
    ALWAYS type out the whole text message
    Write out my grocery list in aisle order
    Prepare for tomorrow the night before
    Horrendous morning sickness!!
    Pure excitement for school starting - my little SJ is also only 3!!


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