Monday, August 17, 2015


Happy Monday! 

This is my last one in an office, and frankly, it's so surreal. I'm excited, but nervous. Lots of big things coming our way! 

Linking up with Biana and Meghan today. 

I'm starting here since we've had such a fun-filled long{ish} weekend! 

My aunt's birthday was last week, so we took her to dinner at Taco Diner to celebrate. As always "Taco D," as we call it, didn't disappoint. 

This little silly goose and I were ready for the weekend! I picked him up from school early after a last-minute dentist appointment. 

Brandon had a half day, and he had been home all afternoon with an install guy, who was installing our new back door! It looks so much better than the dirty, old one we had before. 

We ate leftovers, played in a makeshift "fort" with Walker, and all hit the hay early. 

I woke up to Brandon making breakfast and coffee {!!!} and we relaxed all morning. It was 7:40 a.m. and Walker was already in time out...and I kept having to repeat to myself, "Children are a gift from the Lord, children are a gift from the Lord..." Ha! My book, "The Strong-Willed Child" is really helping and I'm slowly starting to see some improvements from both Walker and Brandon and me. 

My grandmother was in town from Mexico, so I took Walker over to my aunt and uncle's house to see her for a bit while Brandon stayed back and got some things done around the house -- including going to the grocery store for me. {Two weeks in a row! I could get used to that!} 

We tried out a new taco place, Gipsy Lime, for lunch and it was so good!

There are various beers and drinks, and the tacos aren't quite your normal beef + cheese + lettuce + tomato type; they're gourmet tacos {kind of like Velvet Taco, if you've ever been there} and we were really impressed. 

We started out with chips and guacamole. 

The brought out our street tacos on a galvanized metal platter. {L-R: carnitas, steak and chicken fajita} These were good street tacos. The meat wasn't too dry and it was very flavorful. 

They brought our gourmet tacos out on a galvanized metal stand. Brandon and I each got a "Mad Moby Dick," which is adobe-marinated grilled fish, avocado and cilantro crema. Brandon ordered a "Texas Ranger" {center}, which is steak, grilled chicken, bacon, a fried egg, pico de gallo and queso fresco. These were so good! 

After Walker's nap, I brought out some pipe cleaners and a colander and let him practice threading them through the little holes to work on his fine motor skills. This kept him occupied for a while! 

I left to go take a shower, and when I got out, I found Brandon playing with Walker like this. I couldn't stop laughing! He's such a fun dad. 

Walker's new favorite thing is to be tossed in the air on our bed and land on our pillows. It terrifies me, but it cracks him up! Once he's hit the pillows, he rolls over and says, "More! More!" while fervently signing "more," as well. Boys will be boys!

That evening, Brandon and I took part in DFW Restaurant Week at Silver Fox. We made a late reservation so my in-law's could just come over and hang out while Walker slept so we wouldn't have to pay a babysitter. {That was such a nice little gift for us!} It was so nice to have some one-on-one time and enjoy a nice, leisurely meal together. 

Restaurant Week has a prix fixe menu, so we each enjoyed lobster and lump crab shooters; III Forks Salad; filet mignon with lump crab, served with mashed potatoes and snap peas; and Brandon had Texas Pecan Cake for dessert, while I had chocolate mousse. It was a ton of food and we left absolutely stuffed! 

We all hung out and didn't do too much, which was really nice. We all took good naps, ran a few errands and had multiple cups of coffee. 

I made Cooking Light's Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tostadas for lunch, per Brandon's request. These are so easy and taste like they'd be much harder, if that makes sense! 

{And sorry for the Snapchat picture! You can follow me on Snapchat: brittwhit87.} 

While Walker took his afternoon nap, Brandon and I had a cup of coffee and watched pre-season football. {Insert all the "hallelujah" emojis is back!} 

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, running a few more errands and preparing for the week. I hope y'all have a wonderful one! 


  1. My little guy loves being tossed on the bed too. They are so cute how can you say no!? Those tostadas look soo good!
    Good luck at your last week of work!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend, filled with family, food, and football!

  3. Ahh! Happy last week of work lady!! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend and all those tacos look amazing!

  4. Congratulations on your last week of work! Looks like a relaxing weekend. Glad your book is helping with Walker! I think I need all those yummy looking tacos!

  5. I LOL'd when I saw the chair facing the wall. So cute! I'm a sucker. Walker looks like a blast to hang around with

    Trish - tales from trish

  6. yay for a new backdoor! Love when it is restaurant week!!


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