Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday | My Favorite Fall Looks

It may still be in the upper 90s and bordering on the 100 degree mark in Texas -- and will be until late next month -- but that doesn't mean I'm not dreaming of fall and fall clothes: sweaters, vests, boots and scarves. 

I always get tickled going back-to-school shopping, because all the stores have out the afore-mentioned items...and we Texans can't wear them until at least October. {But we do get great deals on the highly-discounted summer items!} I'm so envious of all you northerners who actually have a fall, complete with beautiful fall foliage and you're not sweating in shorts and flip-flops in the school pick-up line. 

All of that said, I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie today to share my favorite fall looks, courtesy of my Pinterest pins

I mentioned that I finally bit the bullet and bought the J. Crew Herringbone Vest, but actually got mine from J. Crew Factory for a much better deal! Here are my favorite vest looks for fall: 

Something I need to buy more of are scarves. For some reason, I never remember that I "need" them until I don't have them! Here are my favorite scarf looks for fall: 

Sweaters are a fall staple! I can't wait for it to be cool enough here for me to wear one. Here are my favorite sweater looks for fall: 

What are some of your favorite fall looks?


  1. Oh gosh I am so with you! These are great picks! Yesterday and today are such a tease weather wise! I wish it really was going to start cooling down! Let's plan a trip to Boston! lol

  2. I am so ready for Fall & can't wait to wear a lot of these items! Love your vest you ordered!

  3. I want all of the things!
    I will say I am up in Minnesota and rocking a jacket today (it's only in the 60's today!)
    But you Texas are probably laughing at us when we get snow in May.. ;-)
    I keep wanting to buy the J Crew vest but just haven't bit the bullet yet! you should show us how you style it :-)

  4. Loving all of these!! Can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear them. We've got at least another month to go up here.

  5. Swooning over all of these outfits. I am obsessed with blanket scarves. Love pairing it with a chunky sweater and flats or boots. Gosh I love Fall clothes SO much better than summer clothes!

  6. I love your fall weather fashion picks! Although I probably won't be purchasing anything for another couple of months. It stays hot in Florida for WAY too long! The flannel tops are my favorite, and the vests. Countdown is on until we get just a couple of months of cooler "fall" weather!


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