Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Loves Lately

As you all know, it gets hot in Texas in the summer. We're currently in the middle of an August heatwave, and I'm serious when I say that the air temperature all weekend -- and yesterday -- was a blistering 105*. {Someone remind me why I choose to live here again?} 

That is just so hot that I barely want to step foot outside; using my stove or oven sends our inside temperatures soaring a good 5-10 degrees; our electricity bill is through the roof; and I only want to eat and drink anything cold. 

That said, here are my loves of late that have helped me get through this sweltering month: 

one || two || three || four

five || six || seven || eight 

If you like Anthropologie's Capri Blue Candle {which retails for $28}, then you have to go pick up Target's Island Moonlight Candle {which retails for $10.49}! It smells exactly the same and it's been burning constantly in my house this summer. It's good to have when you have a stinky little boy who has been playing outside and comes in the house smelling like...well, a boy! 

I purchased this lotion on a whim and totally fell in love with it. It smells so amazing {like Hawaii in a bottle!}, goes on smoothly and isn't greasy. It's great for these hot Texas summers because it's not thick and doesn't sweat off the second I walk outside. And did I mention it smells good?

I have mentioned time and time again how my hair is fine and thin. And, I'm a constant shampoo and conditioner rotator because I feel like my hair gets used to some and then just stops working. {Am I alone in that feeling?} Like the lotion, this shampoo and conditioner duo smells great. So much so that I was washing my hair the other day and Brandon walked in the bathroom and said, "Man, that smells good! What is that?" If you have fine, limp, thin hair like mine, definitely try this product out. For a little over $10 total, I was very impressed with how thick my hair felt and looked. And, I've been washing my hair every day this summer because I sweat due to this heat! 

I gave up sodas after college, and all we drink in our house is water, tea and of course, aa good adult beverage. ;) With it being so hot, I practically down the water in my Camelbak each day and around 3 p.m. or so, make a pit stop to Sonic for a large water with lime and mint. Y'all, if you like mojitos, you will love this! It tastes just like a mojito...minus the alcohol, of course! It's such a refreshing drink for these hot summer days. 

Speaking of adult beverages, my go-to drink this summer has been Sofia Coppola Rosé. It's a great light, crisp, refreshing summer wine that isn't too sweet or too dry. Plus, the bottle is so pretty! To give you a glimpse into my wine style, I love Sauvignon Blanc {white} and Cabernet Sauvignon {red} and of course, champagne. So, all of that to say, this isn't dry like a chardonnay or merlot but not too sweet like a Riesling or Moscato. I always pick mine up at Target -- any excuse to go there, right? -- but I know they also have it at local grocery stores. 

Even though it's hotter than Hades outside, I still love this hot tea {which can also be sipped cold}...especially when I have a bit too much of said Sofia Rosé! Ha! But seriously, I like it just for a good detox when I eat too much, feel a bit fluffy, tired or run down. It's a caffeine-free tea that helps stimulate your liver to start the natural detox process. I do two cups a day usually and it really seems to work for me! 

Finally, I know I'm boring y'all to death talking about this book, but I just love it! It's a quick read for summer and I've taken it everywhere with me. I find it so interesting how our country treated the astronauts {and their wives} like royalty, and how our country has only had the space program for not even 60 years. We've also been loving the show and I hope it continues! 

Have any of y'all tried these products? What have been your summer go-to's? 


  1. Have a feeling Id also like all the stuff on your list! Need to get that candle and shampoo/conditioner ASAP! And the mojito like water from sonic sounds amazing!

  2. Oh I am going to have to check out that candle for next summer! I am the crazy person already burning pumpkin scents in hopes of forgetting that it is 105 degrees out! lol

  3. That drink from sonic sounds so good! We don't have a sonic where I live (or ChickFilA, pretty sure people from the south stare at us in shock!) and following bloggers from the south always leaves me feeling jealous!
    Hope your heat wave breaks soon; fall can start any day now!

  4. I'm definitely trying out that shampoo/conditioner. I am the same way and like to have a few different kinds to switch between so my hair doesn't get used to one kind. lol. You should see my shower. It's ridiculous! I'm loving Astronaut Wives the show, but man the last couple episodes have been so sad!!

  5. I love 3 and 4! It smells so good and my hair always feels amazing!


  6. I LOVE those Target candles! My house is filled with them! I also love that Rose. It is so so yummy and I am craving it right now ;)


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