Monday, July 20, 2015


Hello and Happy Monday! 

I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan today. 

My summer Fridays off work are slowly coming to an end, so we are trying to soak them up as best we can!

Walker and I did a little "school," {just flash cards, puzzles and a couple of learning activities}, and he colored for a while -- this kid loves coloring! 

I took him to our public library's Toddler Time Storytime, which he loved! While we were waiting, he really enjoyed seeing the fish projected on the screen on the floor. 

 After story time, we grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A, where Walker spent most of his time turned around looking and waving at everyone.

Brandon was home when we got home since he has half days in the summer. We had a big Amazon order come in {from the couple of toys we got Walker on Prime Day}, so I put Walker in it, gave him some jumbo crayons and let him go to town coloring. He loved it and spent forever in that box {and a ton of time all weekend} in it coloring. 

That night, we drove over to Fort Worth to celebrate my uncle's birthday! My aunt did a great job on the meal, per usual, and it was great to spend time with family. 

I mean, isn't her menu just adorable? 

And both cakes weren't just cute, they were amazingly yummy, too!

We were up and at 'em, so we took Walker to look at animals at PetsMart. Of course, our little animal lover was in heaven!

We brought out the cheap plastic pool and some toys and let Walker go to town. 

While Walker napped, I went into the attic to locate and properly store some of my baby clothes. The Texas heat was doing them no favors, so I pulled them down and stored them in my closet. I'm hoping we have a little girl one day so she can wear these! If not, I'll save them and pass them along to grandchildren one day. :)

I also found some handwritten letters to me from one of my great-grandmothers, mine and my cousins' fax {yes, fax!} to Santa from 1992, a couple of pairs of my baby shoes, and some photos I had never seen before. 

That evening, our friends Brandon and Kimmie came over with their daughter, Emily. We all hung out, and then put the boys on Daddy Duty to watch the kids while she and I went to get our nails done. 

We went to church, then came home to have leftovers for lunch. Walker was so super tired, because he fell asleep mid-lunch! Sweet baby. Brandon transferred him to his crib, and then we both took naps, too. After naps, Walker swam a bit more with Brandon while they let me sleep a little longer. 

Then, since yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, we couldn't let the day pass us by without some! We went to Marble Slab, where we ran into Remeshia Shade, the meteorologist from NBC 5. ;) 

I made a yummy dinner of meatloaf, smashed potatoes, lima beans and sourdough bread. After we put Walker to bed, we started "The Astronaut Wives Club," which we're really enjoying so far! We called it an early night, too. #gettingold 

I hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Look at that sweet baby in that is so funny how their favorite things usually are the packaging ;-) hope you enjoy your Fridays off while you have them..there is nothing better than a long weekend!

  2. All your baby clothes are so cute! Fingers crossed you have a girl next so she can wear all those cute little things! Yay for hours of entertainment from free shipping boxes. lol. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Monday lady :)

  3. Those baby clothes of yours, precious!! And I love the idea of going to the "zoo" at petsmart - might be doing that in a few months!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Whenever I used to babyskit some kids we would always play and color in boxes. Something about it was so fun for them! (and lets be real i enjoye dit too haha!)

  5. The birthday party looks like such a fabulous event and I love how cute Walker is in the pool! It's so sweet you've got all that stuff saved - I have a box of items at my parents' house that I really should go through!

  6. My little girl has worn a bunch of my clothes! So fun! We also tried coloring this weekend, but at barely a year old she was more interested in eating the crayons!

  7. I totally missed National Ice Cream day! I will have to celebrate some other time to make up for it haha! Glad you're watching The Astronaut Wives Club!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. Oh my gosh a fax to Santa? That is too funny! Looks like a great weekend! What is it with kids and boxes? :)


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