Monday, July 13, 2015

Two Weekending Recaps in One

It's good to be back with y'all and link up with Biana and Meghan for "Weekending" today! 

Brandon and I just got back from a fabulous vacation to Jamaica -- of which I'll share with y'all tomorrow, so stay tuned! -- so I'm backing it up to July 4 and this past weekend, so bear with me, okay? :) 

I got a call from Walker's school that he fell and gashed his head open after hitting a sharp edge. I was panicked and drove like a mad woman to his school to pick him up and take him to the pediatrician. Thankfully, it wasn't very deep, but did require glue to "stitch" it back together. As we were leaving, the doctor said, "Trust me when I say that this won't be the first thing I glue back together on this rough and tumble little boy!" *Insert weak knees and a gasp here.* 

Brandon was really worried, so he came home for the day. Once Walker woke up from a nap, we played outside with chalk and just relaxed. 

Brandon had a half day of work and I was off since we don't work on Fridays in the summer. Walker "helped" me pack our bags for Jamaica, and we just hung out until Brandon got home. He loved his mama's big hat!

That afternoon, we went over to our friends Brandon and Kimmie's house for a glass of wine and to say goodbye since we wouldn't see them in over a week. 

After Walker's afternoon nap, we met Liz, her husband and girls at Black Walnut Café for dinner and drinks, and then went back to their house afterward to let the kids play. 

We went over to my in-law's for the Fourth of July! They grilled hamburgers and chicken, and we had a ton of food; visited; and let the cousins play. Afterward, we came home, put Walker to bed and watched the Macy's Fourth of July Spectacular on TV before calling it a night. 

We packed practically our entire house and headed south to my hometown. My parents graciously kept Walker for us so we could go on our trip, so drove down to them; spent the night there; and flew out of Houston the next morning. 

When we got there, my mom changed Walker into a matching "Lake Life" shirt from her company, HomeGrown. I loved how cute they looked! 

We rode in my Dad's boat to eat dinner at a little restaurant on the lake. Walker didn't make it 10 minutes before he was completely out in my mom's arms...drooling and all! Ha! 

We all ate so much food at this yummy restaurant! It was some of the best southern cooking I've had in a while. Yum! 

Brandon and I were up at 4:30 a.m. to catch our flight to Jamaica! Like I said, I'll be back tomorrow with all the details of the trip, so stay tuned! 

We made it home just in time for dinner with my family, including my brother's girlfriend and my grandparents. We had such an amazing Tex-Mex meal...I had missed that food all week! Ha! 

When we walked in, my Mom was holding Walker, and he wasn't quite too sure what to think when he saw us. He shook his head "no" at first, and cuddled back into my Mom's arms. Then, he peeked out at me and stretched his arms out for me to hold him. And yes, I just cried when I got him in my arms again! I missed him! He kept alternating between Brandon and me for a while that night. It was really sweet. 

Brandon took one of my parents' jet skis for a spin on the early morning lake, then we had lunch at my parents', packed and hit the road around 12 p.m. 

After a 3.5-hour drive, we were home! We immediately started unpacking, doing laundry, making a grocery list, going to the store, mowing the yard, setting the sprinklers and doing all of those horribly not fun tasks that you have to do when you get back from vacation! 

Brandon and I ate a quick supper and hit the hay early; we were worn out! 

And, as a little "happy," my cousin Rebecca had her sweet baby boy on Saturday! What a fun birthday that I won't easily forget: 7/11! :) 

We played hooky from church to get more things done and ready for the week before we had to come back to work today {boo}. We got Walker's hair trimmed, ran to Target and the ATM and cleaned up around the house. 

If you're still hanging along with me here and reading, thank you! Ha! It was a lot to recap, but I appreciate you sticking around to read it! Hope you have a great week! 


  1. Can't wait to hear how amazing your trip was girl! We are contemplating a vacation in the near future and aren't sure whether to take our little guy or just go the two of us. It's got to be tough leaving your baby!

  2. I can't wait to hear the trip details! Walker looks so cute wearing your beach hat and I love that you guys were able to boat to dinner when you were at your parents' house. Mmm mexican is the best food to come home to after a vacation!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about your vacation. Hope Walker is feeling better. He looks so cute in your hat. On a side note, I really like your nightstand.

  4. Aww poor Walker. Hope he is okay!

  5. Poor baby!!!!!! At least they could use the glue and not actual stitches. Can't wait to hear about Jamaica! I've been to Ocho Rios once when my cruised docked there. It was beautiful!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. That was so thoughtful of your parents to watch Walker for y'all. I hope you had a wonderful trip!


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