Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lighten Up

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been on a major kick to lighten up my house. I have just gotten the decorating bug lately after I walked in my back door a couple of weeks ago and felt like it was so dark. Since then, I've been on a mission.

You'll notice in my home tour I posted a couple of months ago that our kitchen cabinets are stained dark, which I loved three years ago when we bought our house. We also have dark hardwood floors that I still do love, but I feel like the combination of them just makes my house feel very dark. 

But now, after my obsession with "Fixer Upper," I'm dying for a white kitchen. However, that just is not in our budget right now, so I've been spending some time trying to lighten the place up, aside from physically hiring someone to come in and paint my cabinets and me making insane furniture purchases. {For our next house -- our "forever home," -- sure. But just not yet.}

One of the biggest things I've tried to do lately is lighten up my picture frames with creams and neutrals and the items above my kitchen cabinets in the same tones. A lot of those things were dark {see above}, and like I said, I really liked warmer colors like reds three years ago, but I've really been gearing towards whites, blues, grays and just a cooler palette overall lately. 

Some of my inspirations have been the following, from Pinterest, of course: 

So, here's what I've done so far: purchased lighter picture frames for my living room -- and that has really seemed to help a good bit; found a lighter buffet lamp for the large piece next to the fireplace, although I'm waiting for it to come in; and starting to find lighter items to put on top of my kitchen cabinets. I've found a lighter tray, but I'm looking for a pretty tall object to put up there, too. 

But my dilemma is this: what do I do with that giant wall above my couch? I don't like those wrought-iron things there anymore, though I do love the bottom two and think they'd look neat somewhere else in my house {I'm just not sure where}. And I really want to either paint or stain my kitchen table, but I'm just wondering if I should bite the bullet on another one. I love the size of my little table, and I know it will be nice to have in a playroom upstairs for Walker and any future children to use to do homework, color, etc. Home d├ęcor just isn't my thing, so I'm open to suggestions! 

And I promise to post pictures when I'm somewhat finished! 


  1. I love your inspiration photos! You have a lovely home! Can't wait for our forever home!

  2. I love your dark kitchen but that's probably because I'm biased and ours is dark too, ha! I do love the white too though - I was really torn when picking out our kitchen which way to go - the inspiration photos are gorgeous..

  3. Gah, I love me some fixer upper too. I told Matt I'd be okay with moving to Waco so Joanna could do our house for us! I think you could easily paint the kitchen table (maybe just the black part & leave the wood?) to a lighter color and that would look great! And maybe a gallery wall above the couch? We've got one above ours and its a fun way to display pictures and other decor pieces and you can bring in lots of the colors you mentioned :)

  4. I love home decor. You could paint the table! If you want something easy, Joann fabrics sells chalk paint (no sanding needed!). Jeff used it on a family heirloom dresser, and it turned out great! We're also the least handy people ever.

    For above the couch - maybe a gallery wall with a big W and off white or white frames or a big watercolor print from HomeGoods or World Market that incorporates the blues/grays/whites and a little brown to tie everything together. Maybe a gray or light blue blanket throw for the couch and some cream pillows? Just some thoughts. Wish we could shop together!

  5. Ps. I know it's hard but don't spend too much and save it for your forever house :) that's what I try to tell myself about big purchases or buy pieces that you know would easily fit in a different house. When we lived in an apartment our tv stand was an entry table, so when we moved into a house that's what we used and didn't have to buy one. It was a great investment piece.

  6. I was going to say do a gallery wall, too. Ikea and Hobby Lobby both have great white frames for you to use. If you painted your wall color lighter (mine is Sherwin Williams Lightweight Beige and it isn't too light but much lighter than yours) and added lighter frames, I think it would lighten up your cabinets drastically to where you don't even need to worry about painting them. Does that make sense?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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