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Guest Post: Liz from Liz Haas Photography || How To Move Across the Country {With a Child and Dog in Tow}

Hello Brittany’s friends and followers! My name is Liz and I’m one of Brittany’s guest bloggers this week while she and her husband are gallivanting through Jamaica – a very well-deserved and much-needed vacation for the both of them. My only request is for them to have a Red Stripe or some famous Jamaican beverage on my behalf, as I will be back in an extremely quiet office where I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brittany for the last three years.

When Brittany asked for me to guest blog, I honestly had to ask her what that meant. I am a photographer and I have a photography blog – insert shameless blog/website plug to here – but I’ve never been asked to guest blog before. She told me I could write about anything. So here it goes…

How We Moved Across the Country With a Child and Dog in Tow

This August it will be three years since my husband Chris and I made the decision to move back to the great state of Texas from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Moving is stressful, but if I had someone’s advice prior to doing so – like I am about to provide – I believe it would have been a lot easier or given me a glimmer of hope.

First off, the decision to move was hard, because we were really connected with our neighbors and friends and I loved my job. But our family would soon be growing and an opportunity to be closer to my parents presented itself and I couldn’t turn it down.

However, our opportunity didn’t come with a nice moving package fully paid for by my new employer. Instead, my husband and I had to do a little research and sacrifice not seeing one another for two months.

I realize that I could go on and on about all the little details of this adventure, but to keep this quick and an easy read for all, I’ve broken it down into the following four categories:

How We Packed Our Stuff
We purchased moving boxes from Home Depot, and with a little wine and my helpful neighbors, we packed one room a night after my daughter went to sleep. We were very lucky to have such helpful neighbors, and when we finally unpacked our belongings in Texas, there were multiple notes and well-wishes from our friends written inside the boxes.

How We Moved Our Stuff
We hired Two Men in a Truck to help us load our ABF U-Pack trailer. At the time, this was the cheapest option for moving our belongings. Moving is REALLY expensive.

How We Traveled to Texas
Since the drive from Cleveland to Dallas, Texas is around 20 hours and the fact that my daughter didn’t prefer to ride in the car (there were nights we wished we had the infant that would fall asleep with a simple car ride around the neighborhood), we purchased a one-way ticket to Dallas for my daughter and myself. Chris and our dog Echo drove my car down the following weekend.

How We Settled in Texas
At first, we lived with my parents to save money and ensure we knew 100 percent what neighborhood we wanted to live in before buying a home. Thanks to ABF, we were able to store our “home” at one of their distribution centers. Then, ABF delivered our trailer on move-in day, and with the help of our family and several of my husband’s friends, we moved into our current home in Flower Mound, Texas.

I realize that this is probably not the most ideal situation or way to move, but this is how we pieced the process together and what worked for us at the time. I hope this post gives someone a little glimmer of hope, even if it’s in a small way.

Thanks for reading our moving story!

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  1. Nice blog piece Liz! Thanks for the brief insight into your life - moving is the pits, especially with kiddo's, but you handled it like a pro :)


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