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Guest Post: Gentel from Leopard and Grace || Travel Essentials

Hey y'all! I'm Gentel and I blog over at Leopard&Grace. Brittany is off on a fabulous Jamaican vacation with her husband, and she asked me if I would like to do a guest blog post while she is away. Britt, I hope you are enjoying the beaches and a piña colada for me!

Summer is a busy time of year for traveling: with getaways, family vacations and destination weddings!

I love traveling, and I love flying and I have been doing both for a very long time! Here are some things that I have learned over the years!

One // Pack light and choose your bag wisely! I prefer an open top tote that is roomy enough for all of my essentials. Inside pockets are key for things like phone, wallet/ID and lip balm.

I am in love with this bag - plus it's reversible, so perfect for different vacation looks! And it's only $38! I might need to scoop this up for our upcoming trip :)

Two // Plan ahead! True story - four years ago, Keith and I went to Hawaii. We packed separate suitcases and carry on's. I told him the importance of bringing a change of clothes in his carry on - boxers, socks, swim suit, t-shirt, ect. He decided against it. Guess who's suitcase ended up in Vegas instead of Honolulu? And guess who was wishing he had listened to me? Yep. Thankfully, we got his bag the next day, but it was a big lesson learned.

I always pack a change of clothes that is easy to roll up and takes up minimal space. A dress, socks/undies, and a bathing suit if we are going somewhere warm :) I also pack minimal makeup in my carry-on, a travel brush and deodorant. And, I always bring a toothbrush and toothpaste, or at the very least, mouthwash. I like to freshen up on layovers, or at the airport as soon we land somewhere. Makes me feel more human and put together after traveling. Which brings me to...

Three // My travel beauty essentials: concealer, cream blush, mascara and tinted lip balm. I don't wear make up on the plane - the air just causes it to dry out. But once we land, I splash water on my face and apply a little bit of makeup. I also bring hydrating face cream and toner spray that I apply on my face through out the flight. Don't forget hand cream, too!

one || two 

four || five 

Four // What to wear: I like to look cute and put together when I travel, but this does not have to be complicated. I usually wear leggings and a long tank and throw on a cardigan (I love this and this). Maybe a baseball cap. Comfort is key, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. I have in the past worn flip flops, but I prefer comfy closed toe shoes. Toms are my favorite now. And don't forget socks! I like to kick off my shoes on flights, and planes are chilly!

Five // Other essentials - planes and airports are breeding grounds for germs. I always have hand sanitizer and Clorox bleach wipes. I use the wipes to clean the seat tray, seat handles, and anything else we may touch. This is even more important to me now that we have a baby!

Six // Staying busy: I try to close my eyes and get some rest if I can - so I love an eye mask and good headphones. For my next flight, I may consider downloading a book to listen to. I also pick up a couple of magazines at the airport. Don't forget your chargers!

Seven // Traveling with valuables: if I'm bringing jewelry or a camera & laptop, those go in my carry-on. Carrying a laptop can be bulky, so I don't usually travel with mine. An iPad can usually do what we need. After all, vacations are about unplugging and relaxing, right?

Eight // Some other important tips - make copies of everything including your passport, ID, and itinerary. Keep these in your safe in the hotel. I also provide copies to our families, especially if we are leaving the country - you can never be too safe or prepared! It's also a good idea to call your bank and give them the heads up you will be traveling. Some banks will put a hold on your account if they see lots of activity far from your home.

And lastly, remember to relax! You are on vacation after all :) Delays, bad weather and overbooked fights can happen, but as long as you're prepared and have a good attitude, you can handle anything!

If you are traveling with kids, that is another post entirely! Be sure to come check out my blog, I'll be posting my Kids Travel Essential list next week!

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