Friday, July 17, 2015


Well hello and Happy Friday to you! 

Other than a birthday dinner for my uncle tonight, we have zero plans this weekend; none. I'm thrilled about the prospect of just hanging around the house in our PJs, being lazy and being together. I love weekends like that, don't you?

Did y'all try out Amazon's Prime Day? I was a little underwhelmed at some of the offerings {an outdoor solar shower, really?}, but we did manage to scoop up a couple of things we've been needing and a couple of toys for Walker. He loved this toy after playing with it at Liz's house, so I knew Santa needed to bring it for him. ;) 

Speaking of things I bought, I can't even handle Old Navy and all of their cute stuff right now! I know I always talk about them, but truly, they are hitting it out of the park lately! They had a 35% off regular priced items and 30% off sale items the other day, so these things  somehow ended up in my cart: 

one || two || three || four 

five || six || seven || eight

And of course, today is Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! I wasn't going to buy anything until Christina linked a couple of cute things...ha! {And if you have Ebates, you get 6% cash back on your Nordie's purchase today! If you need a referral link in order to sign up, grab mine here!}

I have heard such good things about "The Astronaut Wives Club" that I think I'm going to have to start watching it either OnDemand or when it comes out on my Amazon Fire. It definitely looks like it's right up my alley!

I love this kid and our slow, easy breakfast dates. It's truly my favorite part of the day, when it's just him and me at the breakfast table. We both eat a slice of cheese toast, I sip my tea, he drinks his milk and we talk. I hope he always wants to do this with me! 

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  1. I love watching The Astronaut Wives Club! The fashion is beautiful and I'm loving the storyline!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I totally need to start watching The Astronaut Wives Club. Have only heard good things about it.

  3. Jealous of your zero plans - we could use a weekend like that pretty soon! I watched the first two episodes of AWC and like it - I still have three in my DVR though haha I need to catch up too!

  4. Weekends with zero plans are my favorite kind of weekend! We're hoping to have that type of weekend ourselves :) Love Old Navy's options right now and I may have done some damage at the Nordstrom sale....whoops! I definitely want to watch AWC, I need to sit down and get caught up!

  5. I am loving The Astronaut Wives Club! You need to watch it. :-) I was really underwhelmed by Prime Day, which is sad, because I was so excited for it.

  6. I was also a little disappointed with Prime Day, but managed to snag a few things! I am thinking about checking out Astronaut Wives Club too, I really liked PanAm, even though it was only on for about half of a season, but I loved seeing how things used to be. Have a great weekend! <a href="“>Legally Southern</a>

  7. I love weekends with no plans! Hope you enjoy yours! Old Navy has been my favorite place to shop since before Christmas. I've scored some really great deals on cute pieces all year! The commercials for Astronaut Wives Club always catch my attention...I think I'd like it too. :)

    Stopping by from H54F. Have a great weekend!


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