Friday, July 3, 2015


Happy Friday! We're gearing up for our trip to Jamaica, so I'll keep this short and sweet today. :)

Hallelujah for no-work Fridays! Seriously, I actually feel like I have a weekend when I'm off all day on Friday. I can clean and do laundry Thursday night; go to the grocery store on Friday morning; and actually enjoy three full days of fun with my little family. What's even better is Brandon has half days on Friday during the summer, so I've felt like we've all been spending more time being together than usual. 

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, and since tomorrow is July 4th, we are planning to go over to my in-law's to celebrate both! I'm definitely looking forward to lots of pool time, yummy 4th food and fireworks! 

And just for giggles, here's Walker last July 4th. My sweet baby has grown so much!!!

Seriously, I'm obsessed with Fitness Magazine's Salty Chihuahua {recipe here}. So, so good. 

A recent trick I learned {that I'm sure everyone but me knew but I'm sharing it anyway}: you can trade in the "toy" from the kids' meal at Chick-fil-A for an Ice Dream cup or cone! Walker and I go to "Chick," as we call it, once a week and this has been a fun treat for both of us to share! 

After seeing them on Shay's blog, I'm pretty obsessed with the Kate Spade "Essentials" Flo Pink Small Square Studs. {And I totally found them on Amazon and they totally found their way into my cart. Oops!} 

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  1. Oh yea… the toy trade in the Chick dil a kid meal is a game changer! :)

  2. That drink looks delicious! Def saving it! Hope you & your family have a fun holiday weekend!


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