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What to Wear Wednesday: Dressing for Work in the Summer

If you know anything about Texas in the summer, you know that we practically want to run around in nothing but underwear it’s so ridiculously hot. August + Texas = a sweaty, disgusting me.

As much as I wish I could get away with a tank top and shorts at the office all summer long, I think I’d get fired. (Plus, no one wants to see me like that. Yuck!)

Since I have to dress like a professional Monday – Thursday of this (soon-to-be) long, hot summer, Gentel and I thought we’d share how to dress appropriately for work in the summer. Even though she lives in Boston and has much cooler summers than we do, it can get quite toasty up there, too!

My office is business casual, so I can get away with quite a lot more than if I worked at a strictly business office – say, an attorney or investment bank. Since I work at an office with a business casual summer, I can get away with a lot more.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless shift dress day after day after day. Since it’s so hot in Texas, wearing a dress allows for a breeze and still looks professional. My rule of thumb always with dresses to work is to ensure they’re fingertip length or longer and pair a cardigan with any dress that has straps slimmer than two inches in length. (Sometimes I also pack a cardigan in my bag because even though it’s 100+ degrees outside, they keep it like an ice box inside. It’s nice to have it when I’m indoors!)

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I also enjoy wearing sandals – no flip-flops – to work in the summer, if it’s with the appropriate outfit. I don’t wear them just to wear them! In addition to cute, office-appropriate sandals, I also get a lot of wear out of my Tory Burch peep-toe wedges. They’re perfect with skirts, pants and some dresses.

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Something else I love is wearing bright colors. Nothing screams “summer” more than bold, bright colors! I’m pretty obsessed with wearing black, but I try to tone that down as much as I can in the summer. Not only is it just hot, but the color isn’t nearly as fun.

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If I’m not wearing dresses in the summer, I’m pairing either a skirt or ankle-length jeans/pants with a basic, soft jersey-knit tee. They're cool, office-appropriate and easy to throw on. Plus, you can easily accessorize them with a big, fun necklace and you have a complete, effortless outfit! Gap, Loft and Target make my very favorite tees, and they come in a myriad of colors. 

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My biggest rule of thumb when dressing for work in the summer months is this: if you have the feeling it’s not an appropriate outfit for work, it probably isn’t appropriate. Be comfortable, but be professional!

As a reminder, the first Wednesday of the month, Gentel and I will be posting style ideas for a specific event. We plan to do a mix of both special events and everyday occasions, from how to mix prints or what to wear to a wedding. Is there a particular look you want ideas on styling? Leave us a comment or shoot either of us an email; we are more than happy to incorporate it!

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