Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Recent Beauty Favorites

Happy Thursday! I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie today to share some of my recent beauty favorites. The awesome thing about these is that none of it is expensive and can all be ordered on Amazon -- so I consider that a win-win! 

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After receiving a sample of this, I bit the bullet and purchased it. Since using it {and not using liquid foundation}, I've noticed my skin has really cleared up. It's absolutely perfect for Texas in the summer when I walk outside at 8 a.m. and my make-up is already sweating off. I was very surprised that a powder could deliver full coverage, but it does! 

I ordered this a couple of years ago after seeing it on another blog, but just reached in the crevices of my cabinet under the sink when I was having a major break-out moment due to my monthly visitor. Ahem. This stuff works WONDERS. I always do mine at night and mix with Apple Cider Vinegar. After about 10 minutes, I can no longer talk or move my face because it's sucking all the crap out of my pores. I had two giant, under-the-skin, painful zits and by morning, they were completely gone. I love this stuff! 

This was another sample item that I loved. I'm very picky about my perfumes and have been wearing the same one for years. But, I'm definitely adding this to my Christmas list this year! It's such a sweet, yet bold, ladylike smell. 

I picked this up the other day at my local grocery store. I'm weird in that I like to use a different lotion after my evening shower than I do after my morning shower. {Yes, I take two showers a day, what can I say?} I'm in love with this thick lotion! It smells amazing, too. Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well, I told Brandon that it smelled "Just like Hawaii" and he started laughing at me. It is delicious. 

I ran out of my expensive mousse last week and couldn't bring myself to spend $26 on it at the moment. So, when I was at Target picking up something else, I popped by their haircare section to see what they had available that was reasonably priced. This popped out to me {literally, it is a bright blue bottle!}, so I purchased it. Speaking of things that smell good, this does! It's also thick, so you don't have to use much. I have very fine, thin hair and I could definitely tell a difference after I blew my hair dry; much more volume than my expensive mousse provided! 

I have raved about this before, but because I use it every night, I'm categorizing it as "recent." Ha! This is raw shea butter, and both Brandon and I put it on our heels, elbows and hands right before we go to bed. I have really noticed a difference in how much smoother my skin is after using this! And, it smells very good. This is another product that I would recommend using at night, as it's very thick and very greasy. In the winter, I really like to slather this stuff on my feet and then put on some old socks before I go to bed; you wake up with super soft feet! 

Have y'all tried any of these? 



  1. I love hearing about new products so thanks for posting this.

  2. I have a sample of the Bare Minerals too (thanks, Sephora) and this reminded me that I need to use it!

  3. I have not used any of these products. My daughter uses the Argan oil shampoo and conditioner but we haven't tried the mousse. I think I should try the coconut milk lotion because I love anything coconut smelling. Thanks for the round up!


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