Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Amazon's Wish List

Okay, I have been living under a rock, because just this week I discovered Amazon's Wish List function. Y'all, it has been far too time consuming for me this week than I would like to admit! 

It's such an easier way for me to keep track of gifts I'd like to give Walker {or ideas for other people to get him} than the running list on the "Notes" section of my iPhone. And of course I created a Wish List for me! Ha! 

Here are some things I've added to Walker's Amazon Wish List this week: 

one || two || three || four

five || six || seven || eight

Do any of you mamas have these for your kiddos? I'd love to hear your thoughts!  

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  1. Amazon Wish List is my obsession. I have one just for books for my daughter. It helps everyone to keep track of what she has and doesn't have which is so nice since we got several of the same books at my baby shower.

  2. Love me some Amazon Wish list and my family loves it even more because I send them exactly what Brody needs/wants for all the holidays :) Water tables are the best and we definitely don't use our wagon enough!! Hopefully with 2 kids we will use it more. Brody is obsessed with his teepee too!!

  3. Yes! I sadly already have a list going for Logan. I pretty much add everything you suggest to it! Lol. It's great for Christmas though!


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