Friday, June 19, 2015


Yay for no-work Fridays! 

I found this online and couldn't help but giggle...

Have y'all tried Mix and Match Mama's Fish Tacos? They are seriously a hit in our house and I have made them more often than I'd like to admit. Try them tonight! 

These racerback tanks from Old Navy are my new favorite workout around-the-house shirt. They're comfortable and are awesome in this hot Texas summer!

I have been sipping on this all summer long; it's one of my favorite summer drinks! You can find my recipe here. {Just three ingredients!} 

I love how completely normal Catherine looks {just six weeks after giving birth, no less} at a polo match last weekend. And did you see? George has on Crocs. Yup. While I really can't stand them, I guess they're okay if a prince has them on, right? ;) And yes, I ordered Walker some "Frocs" = fake Crocs to wear to his school's Water Day. Ha! 

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  1. The malibu sunset looks like my kind of drink - I need to try that out! I love how low-key and normal Princess Kate is.

  2. I love those tanks from Old Navy, I'll have to check those out! Princess Kate looks amazing. It's crazy how fast she bounces back!

  3. Might be buying ingredients to whip up that drink this weekend!
    Old Navy seriously has been killing it all year. Between them and the Gap, my paycheck is gone before I know what happened!

  4. The malibu sunset looks delish :) Can't wait to try it
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  5. That drink looks so good! Grenadine AND mango involved?! I'll have to try it! Also, I'm obsessed with Old Navy these days and am now regretting not getting the super cute style of tank you pictured! :)


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