Monday, June 8, 2015


Before Walker was born - even before I knew he was a boy - I washed his tiny little newborn clothes in a sweet-smelling baby detergent. While I was folding those itty bitty clothes, I would sniff and fold, sniff and fold, sniff and fold. I repeated that routine time after time. 

I loved it. It was a gentle reminder that he would be here soon. I had no idea what he'd look like, what his personality would be like and even when he would arrive, but washing and folding that laundry gave me pretty much the only bit of control I had during my pregnancy. 

But once he was here, and I bathed him in the body wash I was given at a baby shower; slathered the nighttime lotion on him that was supposed to help him sleep {newsflash: it didn't} and dressed him in those tiny little clothes that I'd washed and folded so meticulously, I noticed that while I liked all of those sweet smells -- his little body didn't. 

Walker would have dark red rashes on his tummy, on his back and dry patches on the backs of his arms, legs and back. Worried, I quickly made an appointment with our pediatrician and he confirmed something I never thought would happen to my kid: he had eczema. And those delicious-smelling lotions and detergents weren't doing him any favors. 

Our pediatrician told us to immediately give or throw away anything that was irritating to his skin and wash his clothes in a detergent that didn't have any dyes or perfumes and was also hypoallergenic. 

Of course, in typical "me" fashion, I researched all types of "free"-type detergents. The one that impressed me most was all free clear, because it's the #1 detergent brand recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians. And to add to that, all free clear detergent - liquid and mighty pacs - fabric softener and dryer sheets have all received the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance. That was music to this mama's ears! 

When I started using all free clear liquid detergent and all free clear dryer sheets on Walker's clothes {and appropriate eczema-related body wash, shampoo and lotion}, I noticed his skin cleared up immediately. No more rashes, no more itching and no more scaly patches! Walker was truly #FreeToBe eczema-free in a free home, away from the perfumes and dyes that were harming his sweet skin. 

The best part is, not only is all free clear safe and gentle on Walker's baby skin, it's excellent at removing stains, too! The older Walker grows, the more he comes home with stains on his clothes from playing outside at school, or eating spaghetti that falls on his shirt, or anything else related to being a toddler - and a toddler boy into absolutely everything at that. Their new OXI booster whitens and brightens clothes while still being gentle on skin. {And can also be used to remove stains around the house - like on upholstery and carpet - for 15% less than the leading brand.} Their OXI mighty pacs gives you extra strength cleaning power for 30% less than Tide Free & Gentle Pods. 

They're not only for kids, either! I wash both Brandon and my clothes in all free clear liquid detergent and use all free clear dryer sheets on them, too. I can't tell you how nice it is to have one detergent and one set of dryer sheets to use on all of our clothes. Not only is Walker #FreeToBe, I am #FreeToBe with my family more because of the simplicity all free clear provides. 

And, all free clear is generously offering Life as the Mrs. readers - that means YOU! - a $1 off coupon to try the products out for yourself! Click here to grab the coupon and get shopping! 

Today's post is sponsored by all free clear, but my love for the brand is all my own! View my disclosure statement here



  1. Great info! I did the same thing with all of Andi's laundry but luckily it didn't have that affect on her - poor little guy!

  2. Same here, Seth got excema pretty much in those exact spots haha! Those detergents smelled so good but it was worth it to switch because it helped heal seths excema.


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