Monday, May 4, 2015


It's Monday! Linking up with Biana and Meghan today.

Since I took off on Friday, we're going to back it up to Thursday for this week's edition. :) 

After work/school, I took Walker to get some fro-yo to celebrate the long weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so the patio was calling our names. 

We had a fun day of just hanging out. I cleaned the house while Walker napped, and then we got out to enjoy the cool{er} weather by going on a walk and playing outside. 

After Walker's afternoon nap, I took him over to my in-law's to go swimming. They have a heated pool, but that's a lot of heating to do for one little guy, so they heated up the hot tub to feel like bath water and Walker had a great time splashing around. His favorite thing to do, of course, was to just sit on the first step and play with all the pool toys. And #momoftheyear here forgot to get a picture! 

That evening, Brandon came home from his six-day-long business trip, and we celebrated with one of our favorite wines: Lewis Wines Tempranillo. 

Once Walker was down, Brandon grilled steaks and I made baked sweet potatoes and steamed veggies and we just caught up on the patio. Again, it was gorgeous weather - but welcome to Texas with our mosquito spray and Citronella candle! 

We all hung out in the morning, and then decided to head to a little square near us to have lunch and do some shopping. 

We decided on lunch at Taco Diner, and while I love that place, it was probably the worst service we've ever had there. They were out of every single thing we tried to order; the service was ridiculously slow and we literally had to beg to have our water and salsa refilled. It was so bad {and we didn't complain once} that the manager comped our entire meal. I was glad to know that the manager was aware and watching, and understood the value of good customer service! 

After lunch, we wandered around the square to work off our big lunch! 

Since we were in the same town where my in-law's live, we decided to take Walker back over there to do more swimming, which of course he loved! And he was completely pooped afterward and slept the entire way home. 

We went to church, and then came home for a quick lunch before going to the Rangers game! Brandon's company has awesome seats and they offered them to him while he was traveling last week. Of course, Brandon quickly said "yes!"

We made sure to pack a soft-sided cooler with a ton of snacks and water for the little guy, and he was pretty well occupied for a while. And while the weather was beautiful, it was really warm sitting in the direct sun, so we took advantage of the club access the tickets have and let Walker run around in the air conditioning while we enjoyed an adult beverage and the game from the big windows overlooking the field! ;) 

When we got home, our friends Brandon and Kimmie came over with their baby. They had all been in Kimmie's home state of New Jersey all last week, so we did some catching up over some Mexican food and cocktails. 

And as an aside, my husband with a little baby? Swoon. 

We're back to work and some normalcy this week, so here's hoping it goes by quickly so we can usher in another weekend soon! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the picture of him in his carseat. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby :)

  2. fro-yo is the best way to start off the season! I am craving some as I write this!

  3. We had Frozen Yogurt on Sunday - so yum

    And I love the picture with Walker and your hubby "chatting" at the ball field - so CUTE!


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