Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Walker's Favorite Toys

It's so fun watching Walker play, learn and explore on his own these days. Of course, we play together often, but he's finally reached the stage where he will sit and do a puzzle on his own on the living room floor while I get supper ready, or go read books in his room while I clean the bathroom. 

It's so fun seeing what he's interested in - and what he's not - so I thought I would share a few of his favorites. 

{1} Walker received the dump truck from his cousin, Brayden, for his birthday. I recently pulled it out (to ensure he had some change in his toys), and he adores this little thing! It's so sweet hearing him say, "Vroom vroom!" as he pushes it around the house. Such a boy thing! 

{2} I received this classic book at one of my baby showers. Walker pulls it out of his book basket almost nightly for us to read to him. It's great for their hand-eye coordination to pat the bunny, feel the dad's beard, play peek-a-boo, etc. Plus, it's small and is easily thrown in a diaper bag or in the car. 

{3} Santa got this for Walker at Christmas, and while it's such a fun toy, Santa gets quickly annoyed with this toy after a long day. Santa should rethink loud toys this Christmas! ;) But in all seriousness, if Walker likes it, I'm happy. 

{4} Walker's teachers have these bubble wands at school, and he loves them. It melts my heart to hear him say, "buh-boos!" too. We often take these wands outside on a pretty day and I blow "buh-boos" while he runs around trying to chase them. 

{5} Again, the shape sorter was a gift from Santa, and the little guy adores it. This is one of those toys where he will sit for a good 10 minutes and try to figure out. More often than not, he will put them in one-by-one and then dump them all out, then repeat multiple times. But, if we sit down and do it together, he knows where a good majority of the shapes go. And I love that! 

{6} We are big on puzzles at our house! I especially love ones that teach Walker something, and the Melissa & Doug sound puzzles do just that. The vehicle sound puzzle is his absolute favorite, and he knows exactly where these puzzle pieces go. He can tell you what each of the vehicles sound like, too, which makes this mama's heart happy! 

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