Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The New Princess

I'm just popping by to do as I'm sure everyone on the blogosphere is doing: sharing my thoughts on the new Princess' name! 

Obviously I'm quite in love with the Royal Family, and I personally love the name they chose for Her Royal Highness The Princess of Cambridge. Charlotte was actually the name we had chosen if Walker was a girl, so clearly I'm extra in love with it! 

I love that Charlotte is Pippa's middle name, as well as the name of the wife and the daughter of King George IV. Elizabeth is obviously a nod to the Queen, but it's Kate's middle name, too. And of course Diana. I love that they incorporated William's late mother into their daughter's name...although if I'm being honest, I think they knew it was a girl and had this name chosen for quite a while. :) But I totally called Diana and Elizabeth!

And can we just talk for one second about Kate? I love her, but she's totally not human. Not only did the woman have her hair and make-up done, but she had on heels and a white dress. I don't know about y'all, but I was doing quite well to dry my hair 12 hours after Walker was born. I think I wore black yoga pants for a solid month, too! Liz and I totally think homegirl had on some Lisa Rinna Depends underneath that Jenny Packham frock! And yes, I realize she has a full staff at her beck and call, but I mean, she is the one who has to stand there {reportedly after no epidural? So I'm sure standing there in heels was no fiesta!} and smile for the cameras, not her staff. Le sigh. I love her nonetheless. 

So, that said, I'll leave you with this little gem: 



  1. I am beyond jealous that she was not a puff ball. After I had my daughter, my face was as round as the Pillsbury Doughboy's. I am sure Kate sees it in herself, but I do not! When it came to my daughter that whole "a daughter steals your beauty" thing totally applied - but not Princess Kate! I am in total awe of her. Motherhood looks good on her!

  2. I love the royal family, it's all so fascinating. And yeah, Kate isn't human.


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