Friday, May 1, 2015



...and this is pretty much how I feel about it: 

I took off work today, and Brandon has been traveling on business all week, so we are even more excited today is Friday. I'm hoping this sunny weather is here to stay, because I could use some good outside time - and no more rain! 

Since we're trying to eat out a little less often, I've been trying to replicate some of our favorite restaurant recipes at home. Enter my Aunt Katherine's Brie and Brisket Quesadillas (and tortilla soup). I have yet to make these, but I'm dying to try this weekend. Doesn't it all look so yummy?! Hopefully I'll have the guts (and the time) to do these, because they're awesome when she's made them for us!

I am loving this dress from Loft right now, but I'm definitely going to wait for it to go on sale {because with Loft, you know it will!} to scoop it up. BTW, did anyone buy anything from their 75% off sale sale they were having earlier this week? I looked, but couldn't find anything I loved and/or it wasn't in my size. 

Y'all, if you love Anthropologie's Capri Blue Candle {but find the price a little too expensive to buy "just because,"} then get yourself on over to Target and pick up this candle ASAP! It smells just like the Anthro version for about half the price! I picked it up on Tuesday and can't stop burning it! 

I took Walker to get a hair cut on Sunday afternoon, and I can't stop looking at how much like a big boy he looks now. Why do haircuts make them look so much older?! Pretty soon he's going to be going off to college. ;) 

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  1. Those quesadillas look ridiculously delicious.

  2. I too have been trying to eat out less, it's hard but I'm getting better.

  3. What an adorable haircut picture! So cute!

  4. Thanks for the candle rec, I'm obsessed with candles! And I've been eyeing that dress too, it's so pretty! Hope you have a good wknd!

  5. Yay for days off! I love candles and actually featured on on my Friday post!

    I hope you can stop by:



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