Monday, April 13, 2015


How is it Monday already?! That one came quickly! 

Linking up with Meghan and Biana today for "Weekending"

I had a crazy stressful day at the office and came home absolutely exhausted. I was the only person in the office, and of course, six {yes, SIX!!!} separate incidents occurred in the district. I was absolutely beat by about 3 p.m. 

Once Brandon got home, we went to visit our friends who just had a baby. We stayed until almost 8 p.m., and Walker did great! He loved seeing their baby, Emily, and kept giving her kisses on her head. It was the sweetest thing! 

After some major stress-relieving cleaning, I had a haircut appointment and then ran to the grocery store. 
As I was taking the groceries inside, I had to snap a quick picture of our front-yard flowers! There is absolutely no filter on these. They're just absolutely gorgeous! Spring has definitely sprung. 

Later, my Dad was in town for a quick errand, so he came over and took us to lunch and hung out with us for a while. My parents live nearly four hours away, so it was so good to see my Dad, even if it was just for a little while. He let "Walker" pick where we went, and of course "Walker" decided Chick-fil-A since it was so "Walker"-friendly. ;) 

That evening, Brandon went to the Duck Commander 500 race with his friend Brandon, and so his wife came over with their new baby and we just hung out, had some wine and visited. And again, Walker couldn't quit kissing Emily. It was seriously so sweet. 

I woke up feeling like absolute death. We had been outside a ton Saturday, and my allergies were out of control. My throat was so sore I felt like I was swallowing razor blades! Brandon took one look at me around 7 a.m., gave me a cocktail of medicine and told me to go back to bed. And I did - for three hours. 

Once I woke up, I felt tons better. Apparently I just needed some meds and more sleep! We obviously skipped church and just spent the morning resting. 

I cashed in my birthday pedicure gift certificate {please ignore my white legs!} and even sprung for a manicure, too. It was so heavenly! 

Walker decided yesterday was not a nap day {ughhhhhh}, so we went to our local track and pushed him around in his car and then just let him run all over the place to get some energy out. 

This is him doing his new favorite thing: pointing and saying, "That!" It's hilarious. 

And he's already bringing flowers to his mama. Smart boy! {And yes, he totally snagged this out of our neighbors' yard. Sorry, y'all!} 

We came back home and watched the end of the Masters. So excited for Jordan Spieth; way to represent Texas, dude! 

I made a quick supper and then we went to bed at 8 p.m. No, but really. {!!!} 

I have another crazy busy day today, including a late-night meeting, so I better hop to it. I hope y'all have a great day!


  1. Aw - Kisses on the forehead! Walker is so sweet!

    And my legs - are just as white, if not whiter - I started using the Jergens stuff so that they don't look like a GHOST at my friends wedding.

    Also - is that the parafin foot treatment? Because that feels SUPER nice.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Your landscape is gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb!

  3. What a fun weekend. Hope you had a good Monday.

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Hope this week at work is better.. The flowers look so cute :) Love Spring time flowers

  5. Your flowers are so pretty! Hope you have a stress free day at work today. :)

  6. That looks like such a fun weekend! I could definitely go for a pedicure. Happy Monday!


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