Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I'm kind of in denial that I have a 15-month-old. I mean, wasn't he just a teeny baby who only wanted to nap on my chest? Now he's such a little boy, and I just look at him daily and can't get over how much he's growing. 

Since I'm not doing monthly posts dedicated to him, I wanted these random postings to be a little snapshot of him in his current state and allow it to be a little slideshow reel, if you will, of sweet Walker. 

He's currently 15 months old, 27 pounds and truly all boy. I mean, look at how much of a little man he is...! 

Walker is seriously a funny kid. He makes the goofiest faces and I wonder if we make those, too, and he's just emulating them, or if he's truly just a little goober! He loves to "march," which is from school when they sing a song about "marching to the carpet" to get them to the play area. Brandon and I sing it, too, just to see a 15-month-old march, which we laugh at far too often. He makes funny little sounds {e.g. a loud screech}, and it's so cute to see him make a face or a sound because he knows it makes us laugh. 

He loves to give kisses, and now he will pucker up and give you actual ones on your lips and say, "Mmmm-wah!" That's his favorite stall tactic if he knows it's bedtime and he's not quite ready to go to sleep, or if he doesn't want to do something we ask him to do. 

Recently, he has begun pointing at things he wants and says, "That!" or "This!" {"Dat!" "Dis!"} We've got to work on the whole no-pointing thing, but for now, we giggle at it and try to guess what he wants. He also can tell you what sounds a car, a boat, a bear and a dog make, as well as tell you what we say to Oliver, our crazy cat, which is "Sssshhh!" When we ask him to blow his nose and hold a Kleenex over it, he will make a blowing sound with his lips, which is so funny! He'll do the same thing if you ask him where his nose is. 

Other things Walker says are: Mama, Da-da, Daddy, Nana, Pah, Papa, Ta-Ta, bye-bye, this, that, ball, "buh-buh" {for his "Brown Bear" book}, "booh" for book; uh-oh, love you {"luh ooo"}, bubbles, and really just babbles all the time. We call him "Chatty Cathy." ;)

He is very good about going to get things when we ask him to. For instance, he knows exactly where we keep his shoes and hat, and if you ask him to go get it, he'll run into his bedroom and point to the cabinet, saying, "That!" He also does the same thing when we tell him he needs a diaper change, or to go get in the bath, and when he wants to eat, he'll go try to climb up into his highchair. 

He still signs "more" when he's eating or drinking and wants more; shakes his head "yes" and "no"; and claps for himself when he knows he did something well or correct. 

He absolutely adores animals and gets so excited when he sees our cat, Oliver, in the mornings or when we get home from school; or when one of our neighbors is walking their dog outside. He will go up and pet/love on any animal if we let him. 

He also loves to be outside and will cry and wail when we try to bring him inside. His favorite things to do are to ride in his car, play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, play in his sandbox and just run around outside. Inside, he loves to color, read any and all books, play with sound puzzles, ride around/push his airplane and play with cars and trucks

We still haven't done too much on the TV side of things, but mostly because he won't sit still long enough to actually watch or be interested in a show; and I'm A-okay with that! However, he does still love to sit on my bed in the mornings and watch the weather maps on the news, which I find so random and funny. 

He is in size 5 diapers and wears 18-24 months clothes {and 2T pajamas and swimsuits} and size 5 shoes. 

He is still a great sleeper, and recently went down to one nap a day at school {but still takes two naps at home on the weekends}. He sleeps from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. with about one 1.5-hour nap during the week at school and about a one-hour nap in the mornings and a 1.5-hour nap in the afternoons on the weekends. 

He loves to be rocked, but only for a little bit - and he stays awake until we lay him down for bed. I miss the days of him falling asleep on my shoulder, but I'm glad he knows how to put himself to sleep at night and for naps. 

Walker still loves to eat and would eat anything and everything off his plate - and yours - if you'd let him. For breakfast, he eats a Nutrigrain bar and a Chobani Tots yogurt pouch {and sometimes a handful of Cheerios}, and for lunch, it's either what's on the menu at school or I'll pack him leftovers from what we had the night before. For dinner, he will eat what we're having, but if it's too spicy or not kid-friendly, he will have anything from chicken and rice soup; sweet potatoes; deli meat and cheese; or basically a little Bento Box of his very own! He gets two snacks a day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - that usually consists of applesauce, fruit, cheese, a veggie or fruit pouch, Goldfish or crackers. 

He still only has four teeth, but that doesn't stop this little chunkster from chowing down! 

He also only drinks out of straw sippy cups, but we're working on taking sips out of a "big" cup.

Walker is a little sunglasses thief; we often find him running around with a pair of our sunglasses on just giggling. He also loves to push the buttons on the washer and dryer {since we have front-loaders, he can reach them and loves the sound they make}; eat his Cheerios on my bed; rifle around in our drawers and cabinets {thank goodness for cabinet and drawer locks!}; turn on our bathtub faucets; and he will try to grab your cup when you're not looking and drink from it, so we have to put those suckers high up on the island or bar. 

He's growing into such a little boy and I just can't believe it!

So there you have our little Walker! Happy Wednesday!


  1. He is so adorable. You are so blessed.

  2. Oh.My.Goodness. at the picture of him in the bow tie :) So adorable!

  3. The bow tie - Just - Want to eat him. OH MY!

    You are truly blessed. Snuggle him all you can - because one day all that baby/toddler pudge is going to smooth out, and he's going to be this man like child. It's so weird!


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