Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Names!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to talk about names! 

Walker McKay Whitacre

I always knew growing up that if I had a little boy, his name would be Walker. It's a family name: my great-great grandmother's maiden name was Walker. In fact, my parents almost named my brother Parker "Walker," but changed it to Parker instead. So, I always knew I wanted to use it. Brandon was totally onboard, which I was super excited about! Brandon's middle name (and his dad's middle name) is McKay, which is a family name on their side. It was his great-great grandmother's maiden name, so his only request was that we use it - whether we had a boy or a girl. 

Walker's name is all family! 



  1. Love the name! And he is precious!
    Our little boy has a last name as a first name, too, and also shares his daddy's middle name :)


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