Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Birthday | 28 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Today I'm celebrating turning another year older: 28! Since I'm 28 today, I thought I would share with y'all 28 things you might not know about me. 

{1} When I started college, I wanted to be a Fashion Merchandising major. (Ha!) That didn't turn out so well, so I switched to Nutrition. After I failed Chemistry 1301 - the first Chemistry class you take for that major - I knew that wasn't what I was supposed to do, so I hopped over to the Communications Building and never looked back! 

{2} I can sing every word to Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby." 

{3} I got my brand new 2003 Honda CR-V when I turned 16 and still drive it to this day. "Old Faithful" and I get along just fine. ;) 

{4} I played the piano for 10 years growing up (from 3rd grade-12th grade), but now I couldn't play a song on there if I tried. 

{5} If I were going to prison (a la "Orange is the New Black") and had to choose my "last supper," it would be: a filet mignon (medium), lobster tail, truffle macaroni and cheese, smashed potatoes and creme brûlée for dessert. 

{6} As in #5, I think of these crazy "what-if" situations all the time. Ha! 

{7} My drink of choice is a nice, ice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. (Kim Crawford, Nobilo, Lewis Wines or Oyster Bay, to be exact.)

{8} My now-aunt used to be my babysitter growing up. And I was super bad, y'all. Like, horrible. She came home from Baylor and brought me a sweatshirt and I looked at her and said, "I don't like it, and I'm not gonna wear it." Don't think my parents don't still quote that - all the time. (And yes, I got a spanking!) And yes, I'm paying for my behavior now with my child! 

{9} I have my concealed handgun license (CHL) and know how to use a gun. And I'm proud of that! 

{10} I would much rather go on a beach vacation than a skiing vacation. I'm a beach girl through and through, and totally wish we lived close to one. I don't do well in the cold.

{11} I have a horrible habit of popping my joints. I pop my knuckles, wrists, arms, neck, toes, ankles, knees and back. I'm going to have horrible arthritis when I'm older. 

{12} I love monograms. Brandon always jokes that I would monogram my underwear if I could. It's true! 

{13} I'm a major clean freak. If I'm stressed out or mad, the first thing I do is start cleaning. I always feel a ton better - even if I'm not stressed out or mad - when I have a clean house. I feel like I can breathe!

{14} I studied abroad in London in college, and that led me to become super obsessed with British History. I love anything and everything Great Britain-related, especially the history of the British Royal Family. I'm a history nerd and love to watch documentaries about them, past and present! 

{15} I get really weirded out when people wear open-toed shoes and don't have their toenails painted. 

{16} Also on things that weird me out? When I can hear people chewing. It makes me gag.

{17} I have this weird thing about drinking water in the mornings. I just...I can't. It tastes weird and different! I'm all about a big ol' cup of coffee. 

{18} I had braces for six years. SIX YEARS Y'ALL. I still have nightmares that I have them on. In addition to that lovely factoid, I also have a fake tooth - the one next to my front tooth. I have no idea the "dentist" name for it, but yeah...it's not real. My parents both don't have both of those teeth {and neither do their dads} - and I got one. Brandon and I joke that we're not saving for Walker's college...we're saving for his braces. 

{19} I was once making out with a guy in high school and my tooth fell out in his mouth. THAT'S THE MOST EMBARRASSING STORY EVER. 

{20} I've never met any A-list celebrities...just D-list ones: Ryan Cabrera and Chris Harrison at a Super Bowl party when it was in Dallas a few years ago. I'm really cool, y'all. 

{21} I have to pick up our living room every night before we go to bed: toys up, remote control in the charger, pillows on the couch, blankets folded, etc. It just doesn't feel right going to bed with all that still strewn about! 

{22} I hadn't tried a sweet potato until 2014 when I was making Walker's pureés. Now I'm obsessed. 

{23} I am terrified of snakes and lizards. Literally, my heart starts pounding out of my chest and I break out into a cold sweat when they get close to me. I wish I was joking.

{24} My favorite hymn is, "It Is Well." I absolutely love it and cry every time it is sung.

{25} I could read, "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" by Emily Giffin over and over and over. I absolutely love those books!

{26} If you were to look at my iTunes, you would be so confused; I have the most random taste in music. I have everything from Pat Green to T.I. to Matt Redman to Ella Fitzgerald on there. 

{27} I listen to the Sports Radio show "Muse in the News" on 96.7 FM every morning. I don't listen to that channel any other time during the day/week, but it's my favorite little 15 minutes in the morning. The guys are absolutely hilarious! 

{28} When I'm really tired, mad or...ahem...have been over served ;), my East Texas accent comes out. All the -ing's are dropped and the accent is out in full force. Brandon always knows when I'm on the phone with my family because it just comes out in 2.5 seconds. 



  1. My last supper would be identical to yours; like I wouldn’t change a thing! Also, I’ve been meaning to start Orange is the New Black but just need to find the time – hopefully this weekend, do you watch?! I always think what if! I love monograms; I’m always looking for the next addition to my collection! Super jealous of the Chris Harrison encounter!

  2. Happy Birthday! I started out going for another major and ended up in the Communication College also! Hope you have an amazing day!

  3. Happy Birthday! This list is great. I laughed so much about the tooth falling out. Too funny and embarrassing!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day! Love this post and getting to know more about you. Your last supper sounds yummy! I had braces for 4 years and I thought that was bad! I want to hear this accent too. :)

  5. A great list - happy birthday lovely lady x
    I had a good chuckle about the tooth :)


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