Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Favorite One-Year-Old Products

I'm still in denial that my sweet Walker is almost 15 months old! I feel like I was just talking about him using his swing, and our favorite bottles, and any other "little baby" product. {Side note: waaaaaaaaa!} 

Here are some of our recent favorites:

one \\ two \\ three

four \\ five \\ six 

Walker can't stand his stiller anymore {either the Britax or the umbrella stoller}, so when we go on walks, this little car is our lifesaver. We even took it to the zoo! Be sure to spring for the quiet wheels; you'll thank me later. 

These puzzles are awesome. I mean, I could be all, "Woo hoo! Wooden puzzles! All natural!" But yeah, no. We love them because Walker is able to grip them well and it helps teach him sounds. The only thing? You better have those suckers in place at night, less you walk by and a random train whistle goes off, scaring the living daylights out of you. 

My grandmother got this for Walker at one of my baby showers, and he just recently started caring about it. He carries it around, kisses it and pats it on its "back." We'll say, "Where's your lovie?" and he'll run to his crib and point to it saying, "That!" 

Walker never used an actual "sippy" cup; the straws have always just worked better for him. I love the sippy cups with the weights, but these simply hold more and don't seem to leak as bad. I'll throw these in my bag way more than I'll throw the others. 

I don't even need to look at the pages to read this book anymore! It's absolutely Walker's favorite and we read it multiple times a day. Eric Carle books are awesome and I highly recommend them, along with any other "My First Reader" books. 

Walker is obsessed with his sandbox, and Brandon and I always comment how when he's in it, he sits more still than we have seen in many, many months! Yes, having him drag sand inside the house is a pain, but if he's happy, then I'm happy! We threw some beachy/sandcastle toys in there and he's in hog heaven. 

*Links are affiliate. All products have been purchased by me at full price, yo!


  1. Eric Carle - is the MAN - I loved reading all of his books to Emry - He still has a copy of Brown Bear, and Pancakes Pancakes. :)

  2. I LOVE that little car! My little babe would love that! I'm totally looking it up now!

  3. My friend has that little sandbox and her 2 yr daughter loves it!! She gets so angry when it's time to get out.


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