Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Basket Blog Hop: Walker's Easter Basket | Thoughts for Thursday

Hi, friends! Happy almost-Easter! I'm linking up with Darci today for her annual Easter Basket Blog Hop. 

I love, love holidays and always have fun with gifts, so Easter was no exception! Let's just pretend I didn't have Walker's Easter basket filled and ready to go three weeks ago, mmmkay

Walker has the large-sized Easter basket and liner, both from Pottery Barn Kids and ordered last year.

Inside his Easter basket is: "Llama Llama Easter Egg"; a pair of shoes; a divided plate from Target's $1 aisle; sidewalk chalk; a swimsuit and rash guard; and a Melissa & Doug sound puzzle. And just this morning I ordered one of his favorite cups from Amazon Prime to stick in there on Sunday morning. Because clearly the child needed something else in his basket. ;)

Walker will have some good Easter egg-hunting practice with our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday and one at my mother-in-law's on Sunday! 

And, can we please just discuss my sweet little guy at Easter last year? He was just shy of three months old. Cue the tears at his squishy little sight! 

If you're still in need of ideas for some Easter basket fillers, be sure to check out the post I did about it a couple of weeks ago right here

I can't wait to see y'all's Easter baskets from the blog hop! 

Also linking up with Annie and Natalie today! 

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  1. My goodness, everything about this made me miss Jackson at that age..... those little shoes and swim trunks. Swoon!!!!! Such a cute basket for your precious boy! Glad you linked up. :)

  2. Aw too cute! I can't wait to build Emry's basket on Friday... I try to balance out the goodies with other things, and man oh man does that get hard!

    I also get to build a Christening/Easter basket for my new niece, and that is going to be TOO much fun. Cute little outfits, and stuffed animals.. and everything!

  3. Cute basket! I love those shoes and swim trunks :)

  4. Oh my gracious that picture of him as a baby with the basket! He looks like he could fit in it! I love what you picked out and I think he will too :)

  5. So cute! We added swimsuits in our baskets as well!

  6. So cute! We added swimsuits to our baskets as well!

  7. Those shoes are the cutest! I love the tradition of an Easter themed book too. Can't wait to see Walker in his cute little swim gear too.

  8. Those shoes are too cute! I added board books and a cup in my son's basket this year too. I like the idea of swim trunks!

  9. so cute!! I did Llama Llama for Brody this year too and a wooden puzzle. He's obsessed with those!!

  10. Adorable! We have similar things in our baskets this year :) Love those cute shoes!

  11. What a fun link-up! My son loved that exact puzzle for a long time. It about drove us crazy and be sure that you have it under a bright light to work because the sensors under each item work off light. Happy Easter!


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