Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday | Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I can't believe Mother's Day is in two weeks! I'm so excited to celebrate my second one with my sweet boy who made me a mama 15 months ago. 

So today, I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie for "Thoughts for Thursday" to share some Mother's Day Gift Ideas! 

Brandon {and Walker}, if you're reading this, here are some things I wouldn't mind receiving this year! Cough, cough...

But seriously, just a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet card {and your time} is always a great gift for your mom - or mother-in-law. I'm planning to gift my mom and mother-in-law with something from the above list; I can't spoil the surprise, but I can't wait for them to receive them in the mail! 

one \\ two

three \\ four 

five \\ six


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I'm kind of in denial that I have a 15-month-old. I mean, wasn't he just a teeny baby who only wanted to nap on my chest? Now he's such a little boy, and I just look at him daily and can't get over how much he's growing. 

Since I'm not doing monthly posts dedicated to him, I wanted these random postings to be a little snapshot of him in his current state and allow it to be a little slideshow reel, if you will, of sweet Walker. 

He's currently 15 months old, 27 pounds and truly all boy. I mean, look at how much of a little man he is...! 

Walker is seriously a funny kid. He makes the goofiest faces and I wonder if we make those, too, and he's just emulating them, or if he's truly just a little goober! He loves to "march," which is from school when they sing a song about "marching to the carpet" to get them to the play area. Brandon and I sing it, too, just to see a 15-month-old march, which we laugh at far too often. He makes funny little sounds {e.g. a loud screech}, and it's so cute to see him make a face or a sound because he knows it makes us laugh. 

He loves to give kisses, and now he will pucker up and give you actual ones on your lips and say, "Mmmm-wah!" That's his favorite stall tactic if he knows it's bedtime and he's not quite ready to go to sleep, or if he doesn't want to do something we ask him to do. 

Recently, he has begun pointing at things he wants and says, "That!" or "This!" {"Dat!" "Dis!"} We've got to work on the whole no-pointing thing, but for now, we giggle at it and try to guess what he wants. He also can tell you what sounds a car, a boat, a bear and a dog make, as well as tell you what we say to Oliver, our crazy cat, which is "Sssshhh!" When we ask him to blow his nose and hold a Kleenex over it, he will make a blowing sound with his lips, which is so funny! He'll do the same thing if you ask him where his nose is. 

Other things Walker says are: Mama, Da-da, Daddy, Nana, Pah, Papa, Ta-Ta, bye-bye, this, that, ball, "buh-buh" {for his "Brown Bear" book}, "booh" for book; uh-oh, love you {"luh ooo"}, bubbles, and really just babbles all the time. We call him "Chatty Cathy." ;)

He is very good about going to get things when we ask him to. For instance, he knows exactly where we keep his shoes and hat, and if you ask him to go get it, he'll run into his bedroom and point to the cabinet, saying, "That!" He also does the same thing when we tell him he needs a diaper change, or to go get in the bath, and when he wants to eat, he'll go try to climb up into his highchair. 

He still signs "more" when he's eating or drinking and wants more; shakes his head "yes" and "no"; and claps for himself when he knows he did something well or correct. 

He absolutely adores animals and gets so excited when he sees our cat, Oliver, in the mornings or when we get home from school; or when one of our neighbors is walking their dog outside. He will go up and pet/love on any animal if we let him. 

He also loves to be outside and will cry and wail when we try to bring him inside. His favorite things to do are to ride in his car, play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, play in his sandbox and just run around outside. Inside, he loves to color, read any and all books, play with sound puzzles, ride around/push his airplane and play with cars and trucks

We still haven't done too much on the TV side of things, but mostly because he won't sit still long enough to actually watch or be interested in a show; and I'm A-okay with that! However, he does still love to sit on my bed in the mornings and watch the weather maps on the news, which I find so random and funny. 

He is in size 5 diapers and wears 18-24 months clothes {and 2T pajamas and swimsuits} and size 5 shoes. 

He is still a great sleeper, and recently went down to one nap a day at school {but still takes two naps at home on the weekends}. He sleeps from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. with about one 1.5-hour nap during the week at school and about a one-hour nap in the mornings and a 1.5-hour nap in the afternoons on the weekends. 

He loves to be rocked, but only for a little bit - and he stays awake until we lay him down for bed. I miss the days of him falling asleep on my shoulder, but I'm glad he knows how to put himself to sleep at night and for naps. 

Walker still loves to eat and would eat anything and everything off his plate - and yours - if you'd let him. For breakfast, he eats a Nutrigrain bar and a Chobani Tots yogurt pouch {and sometimes a handful of Cheerios}, and for lunch, it's either what's on the menu at school or I'll pack him leftovers from what we had the night before. For dinner, he will eat what we're having, but if it's too spicy or not kid-friendly, he will have anything from chicken and rice soup; sweet potatoes; deli meat and cheese; or basically a little Bento Box of his very own! He gets two snacks a day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - that usually consists of applesauce, fruit, cheese, a veggie or fruit pouch, Goldfish or crackers. 

He still only has four teeth, but that doesn't stop this little chunkster from chowing down! 

He also only drinks out of straw sippy cups, but we're working on taking sips out of a "big" cup.

Walker is a little sunglasses thief; we often find him running around with a pair of our sunglasses on just giggling. He also loves to push the buttons on the washer and dryer {since we have front-loaders, he can reach them and loves the sound they make}; eat his Cheerios on my bed; rifle around in our drawers and cabinets {thank goodness for cabinet and drawer locks!}; turn on our bathtub faucets; and he will try to grab your cup when you're not looking and drink from it, so we have to put those suckers high up on the island or bar. 

He's growing into such a little boy and I just can't believe it!

So there you have our little Walker! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Revenge of the Stomach Bug | Supplies to Help Keep You Prepared

As I'm sure you all know by now, the dreaded stomach bug hit our house last week, and it was probably one of the worst things ever. I was totally unprepared and want to ensure y'all are prepared -- unlike me! 

Here are some of my essentials for battling the stomach bug: 

one \\ two \\ three \\ four

five \\ six \\ seven \\ eight

I have taken this for an upset stomach since I was a kid. It has a good flavor, and it really does help with the nausea. It works for children, but be sure to check with your pediatrician before giving to your little one. 

Who doesn't love Saltines when you're sick? When you can't keep anything else down, try these {taking little bites}. It will help you when you know you need to eat something, but can't really stomach much. 

Ginger Ale and Gatorade are the best for upset tummies. Ginger {whether raw, in a tea or in ginger ale} is known to stop nausea by neutralizing stomach acid and relaxing stomach muscles. Try little sips of ginger ale next time you feel the nausea coming on. {And, I think we should have purchased stock in this stuff when I was pregnant!} 

This is for after the sickness, but bleach is a must-have. Mix two cups of water and 1/4 cup of bleach and use a sponge to wipe down your surfaces -- especially the toilet, floor next to the toilet and baseboards in the bathroom. 

Alright, just being frank here: when it's coming out of both ends, you have to stop it. Imodium is the only thing that helps us in our house. I promise, you'll want to have this stuff handy in your medicine cabinet. 

Everyone knows about lemon-lime Gatorade when you're sick! Pour some over ice and take little sips through a bendy straw to help get some electrolytes and a bit of sugar back into your body after you've thrown everything up. Sometimes I need Gatorade when I'm sick before I can down a glass of water. 

Clorox wipes are just like Clorox, but I like to use these to wipe down the inside area of the toilet, around the sink and anything I may have touched before I got sick {doorknobs, monitor, light switches, remote control, etc.}. Better safe than sorry!

Cheap hand towels are awesome to have on hand when you're sick! After I throw up, I always get a cold rag and put it on the back of my neck and then my forehead to help cool me off. I like to use cheap ones that I can throw in the washing machine through a heavy cycle, and some that I don't care about tossing if they get nasty. 

*I didn't mention anything other than Saltines to eat, because when I'm sick, I can barely even look at food, much less think about eating it. Once I know I'm finished getting sick, I like to eat a small cup of chicken broth - not chicken noodle soup - chicken broth...the plain stuff. Try that next time and let me know what you think. I pray this little list helps, and I hope y'all don't have to go through what we recently's the pits! 

**Links are affiliate. All products have been purchased by me at full price. 

Monday, April 27, 2015


It's Monday! Linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending. 

Well, I came down with Walker's bug, too. Ugh. But let me back up, mmmkay?

I was feeling totally fine and actually was beginning to get really thankful that I hadn't come down with the stomach nastiness. So, Friday night was our biggest event of the year at a hotel at DFW Airport. My mother-in-law came over to our house to watch Walker so he didn't have to go to school, and I made the quick trip to the airport to get everything set up. 

Right around lunch, my stomach started turning. We got back in the hotel room to rest a bit before getting dressed for the event, and I just knew. The girls quickly sent me home, and I'm glad they did, because I got sick the second I stepped foot in the house - and didn't stop until about 1 a.m. Saturday. It was horrible. I felt awful for missing this event, but I knew I couldn't have made it through the night in my condition...and I would hate to get other people sick! 

I still felt puny all day, and then Brandon started to feel icky, too. Thankfully, he has yet to get sick, so I hope and pray he's not going to get it. 

We spent Saturday morning on the couch, just resting and being lazy. It was a beautiful, cool morning, so we opened up the windows to let some fresh air in and I Lysol'd and Clorox'd everything that moved and washed anything that was a fabric on our washer's "Sanitary" setting. 

Saturday afternoon, we had to get out of the house, so we made a quick run to Home Depot for some sod...and left with a new table, chairs and umbrella for our back patio. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to go to Home Depot with my husband. 

I picked up soup from a local restaurant for dinner, and we went to bed super early. 

We didn't go to church for obvious reasons. We spent the morning doing more cleaning and made a quick run to the grocery store to stock up on stuff for the week. 

{I just had to capture a picture of this cute thing in his "Brown Bear" jammies. I love them!} 

I enjoyed some more fresh air {and our new patio furniture} in the back yard, just blogging and feeling glad to be back in the land of the living. 

After the crazy, whirlwind last week that we had, I'm praying for a smooth, easy week this week! Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Happy Friday! 

Walker came down with a nasty stomach bug yesterday morning, and boy was it bad

Brandon went into his room to wake him up, and he had gotten sick all over himself, the bed, the floor, the wall, etc. Poor baby was crying, and Brandon quickly bathed him (wearing his suit) and I cleaned everything up in his room. Of course, I got sick doing that. We were a three-ring circus. Walker did fine all morning, but got sick again (on my new white rug...) in the afternoon, so we took a trip to the pediatrician, who confirmed the bug. My poor little guy was so miserable! 

I think I did about eight loads of laundry and I swear, if I don't have to clean up vomit again for as long as I live, I'd be A-okay with that. {But I have a who am I kidding? I'll be cleaning it up for at least the next 17 years.} 

I'm just praying Brandon and I don't get this nasty bug! 

I finally bit the bullet and bought my domain name for my blog! Now y'all can find me at: I'm so excited about this little change for this blog. 

{And thanks to Savannah for all of her help with this!} 

Andy Grammer's song "Honey, I'm Good" has been stuck in my head all week. I love it! {And Walker loves jamming out to it in the car, too.} It's one of my new favorites. 

I don't know why I'm so intrigued about the Diane Sawyer/Bruce Jenner "20/20" interview that's airing on ABC tonight. I mean, it's obvious he's becoming a woman, but I don't know why I'm so looking forward to actually seeing him confirm it. I'm weird. 

I cannot wait for "Pitch Perfect 2" to come out next month! I realize that probably makes me about 13, but I loved the first one so much {it's seriously one of those movies I still laugh at after watching about 100 times} that I can't wait for the second one to come out. Some friends of ours and us are already planning a dinner and movie date out to see it. Ha! 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four Things

I've seen this pop up on other blogs around the blogosphere, so I thought I would participate, too! 

Here's my Four...

Four Nicknames
1. Britt
2. Brittany Bear (from my dad - he's the only one who calls me this!)
3. Ogle (my college roommate called me this; a play on my maiden name)
4. Britt Whit

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Communications Coordinator at my current school district 
2. Senior Account Executive at a global PR firm
3. Account Coordinator/Executive Assistant at another global PR firm
4. Babysitter 

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once
1. The Notebook
2. The Sound of Music
3. Breakfast at Tiffany's
4. Pitch Perfect

Four Things in My Purse
1. Make-up bag
2. Sunglasses
3. Keys
4. Mini Kiehl's hand lotion

Four Cars I've Owned
1. Honda CR-V -- and that's it! 

Four Places I've Lived
1. Livingston, Texas
2. Waco, Texas
3. London, England (for a summer)
4. Dallas, Texas

Four Places I've Visited
1. Italy
2. Great Britain
3. Antigua
4. Mexico

Four Places on My Bucket List
1. Western Europe
2. Spain
3. The Maldives
4. Tuscany

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Truffle Macaroni and Cheese (but also a sucker for the Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese!)
2. Creme Brûlée 
3. A good steak (and lobster)
4. Tortilla Soup from this local Mexican restaurant 

Four Things I'd Never Eat
1. Escargot
2. Caviar
3. Turnip greens
4. Water chestnuts 

Four Books I'd Recommend
1. The Bible
2. The Help
3. Something Borrowed/Something Blue 
4. Gone Girl

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. The Real Housewives franchise (Beverly Hills, O.C., New York, London) 
2. Mad Men
3. Orange is the New Black
4. Downton Abbey

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2015
1. Our vacation to Jamaica
2. Our vacation to NYC
3. Spending more time with my family 
4. Watching my sister start middle school cheerleading, my brother graduate high school, and my other brother study in New York City 

So there you have it! :) 


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Names!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to talk about names! 

Walker McKay Whitacre

I always knew growing up that if I had a little boy, his name would be Walker. It's a family name: my great-great grandmother's maiden name was Walker. In fact, my parents almost named my brother Parker "Walker," but changed it to Parker instead. So, I always knew I wanted to use it. Brandon was totally onboard, which I was super excited about! Brandon's middle name (and his dad's middle name) is McKay, which is a family name on their side. It was his great-great grandmother's maiden name, so his only request was that we use it - whether we had a boy or a girl. 

Walker's name is all family! 


Monday, April 20, 2015


Happy Monday! 

I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan today for "Weekending."

I took the day off, which was a really nice change of pace. Walker and I had lunch with Brandon, and then we took Walker to a little feed store next to Brandon's office to let the little guy look at the baby chicks, turkeys and ducks. 

Walker was not sure what to think about all these tiny animals chirping and hopping around, and he kept a pretty safe distance from them at all times. It was so cute. 

Mamas, if you are looking for something fun {and free} for your kids to do, take 'em to a local feed store! I'm telling you, we will be going back - and I can pick up some plants in the process! 

Walker was beat and fell asleep about 10 minutes into our drive home. Poor guy! 

I successfully transferred him to his crib and spent the hour folding laundry and putting sheets on our bed while watching the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion. {Holy crazy, y'all!} 

Friday night, we took supper to our friends who recently had a baby. I made this, which was super easy and always a great meal to take to a new mom - especially if she's nursing! 

I woke up feeling kind of icky - and so did Brandon - so we lazed around for a bit. Then, I took Walker out so Brandon could rest for a bit. 

We started out at another free entertainment spot: PetsMart! Walker loves animals, so we spent about 20 minutes looking at the birds, rodents and cats. Mama wasn't about to stop and gander at the amphibians! Ick! 

After PetsMart, we had a late breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Walker devoured his Chick'n Minis and milk, and I thoroughly enjoyed an iced coffee. 

We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon outdoors; it was such a gorgeous day! Our friends Brandon and Kimmie lost power at their house due to some construction, so they brought their new baby - and some pizza! - over, and we just hung out and visited. 

Walker wore this precious Baylor smocked john-john that my great-aunt made for him to church. Pretty sure he was the cutest kid in the nursery yesterday!

After church, we spent more time outside. It was another beautiful day that just begged for us to be outside. Walker loves bubbles, so Brandon spent a while blowing those for him while the little man alternated between chasing them and playing in his sandbox. 

He and I both then took a 1.5-hour nap, which was glorious. There is nothing better that church, lunch and a nap on Sunday! 

When we woke up, we made a quick trip to Home Depot, where he played around in Brandon's glasses. 

Then, we got fro-yo and sat on the patio. Yum!

We did some work in the yard, and Brandon brought in some rose cuttings from our back garden. He put them in the stemless wine glasses from our wedding, and I love the way they look on our island. 

Brandon installed a new light on our back porch - and I'm so glad he did because the one that was there before was 21 years old...original to this house! I didn't even take a "before" picture because it was that ugly. 

We say on the patio and enjoyed being outside. Walker was showering me with kisses, which of course I loved. 

We got Walker bathed and in bed, then watched the ACM Awards, which were held in Dallas at AT&T Stadium. We loved that they started out with George Strait singing, "All My Exes Live in Texas." That man is timeless! 

I've got a busy week ahead - including our biggest event of the year on Friday night. But! I'm taking Monday off, so I am just keeping my eyes on the prize. Ha! 

Hope y'all have a great day and a fabulous week! 

Friday, April 17, 2015


Happy Friday! 

I took off work today and I'm so glad I did. The weather is rainy and icky, and there is not a better day to snuggle at home with my little man. We have big plans of doing nothing except napping and taking a quick trip to the grocery store. And I'm excited about that! 

I made this One-Pan Salmon and Vegetables {via Mom Endeavors} this week and it was seriously one of the tastiest salmon recipes I've ever eaten. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it was literally a three-minute prep and then only baked for 20 minutes. Brandon went back for seconds, and even Walker ate a ton of it - including the vegetables! Put this on your meal rotation stat.

My new favorite shirt right now is this one I recently ordered from Old Navy. It's super comfy and can be dressed up or down. I got so many compliments on it when I wore it yesterday, and people were so surprised when I told them where it was from. 

I don't wear it with the sleeves pulled up, and I wore it with white, skinny ankle jeans and leopard print flats. 

I am in love with this precious swimsuit, but I'm not willing to pay the $125 price tag. Does anyone know where I can get a knockoff?! ;) I want this for our trip to Jamaica this summer!

Nothing melts my heart more than hearing Walker say, "I love you." This was him the other day, and seriously, I started crying! Nothing makes your heart happier than hearing your child say those precious three words!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

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