Monday, March 2, 2015


Happy Monday! Let's get right down to it! 

After a week of being at school/not being at school because of the weather, what do you know, it started snowing again. And this time, it was super bad! {Well, to us Texans.} My district cancelled school early, and I was so thankful. I went to pick up Walker and what normally takes us 20-ish minutes to get home each day took us a little more than an hour. I was white-knuckled driving the entire way home; not gonna lie, I was really pretty nervous. 

In the middle of all that, a local news station called and wanted me to do a live call-in phone interview with them about canceling school. {As if that's my decision, but of course thus is the life of a PR gal!} So, I pulled over in a Chick-fil-A parking lot and did the live interview, with Walker in the back saying, "Uh-oh, mama! UH-OH, MAMA!!!" Ha! 

My friend Liz was back at the office and filmed this for your viewing pleasure. {Why do I hate hearing my voice so much?} 

Since we were at Chick-fil-A already {and we had literally no food in my house}, I picked up lunch for us. After a ton of begging, I gave Walker his first sip of lemonade. I don't think he was a big fan...

After his nap, I took Walker outside to experience his first snow! {Granted, it has snowed before - literally about a month after he was born - but this was his first time to play in it.} He absolutely hated all of the layers I put on him {"But I can't put my arms down!"} but was mesmerized by the snow. 

...and then he was over it. I don't think we'd do very well living up north. ;) 

Brandon's office let him leave early, so we snuggled up on the couch and just hung out. 

Once Walker was in bed, Brandon and I started our binge-watching of "House of Cards" season three. So far, it's definitely slower than the previous two seasons, but it's still so great. I had been waiting all week for this! 

And of course, some obligatory snow pictures. Texas forever, y'all! 

{Looking out our dining room window}

{The backyard. So pretty with our lights out there!}

{Side porch}

Brandon braved the roads and went to the grocery store for me, which was a huge blessing! He did so well and only forgot one thing from my extensive list. Ha! 

When he got back, Walker decided to "help" him work out, which was hilarious. 

We spent the rest of the day cleaning, doing laundry and binge-watching "House of Cards" when Walker took his morning and afternoon naps. 

We went to church, then came home and ate leftovers and watched a DVR'd episode of "Fixer Upper." Of course, that inspired me to do a little updating in our house, which Brandon was loathing at that point! 

Here's a little corner of our kitchen. I've been super inspired to clean the countertops off of unnecessary things, but I love this bright little corner. 

After Walker's afternoon nap, he did some reading for me. There were some "bye bye" and "uh oh"s thrown in there, but I catch his drift. ;) I absolutely love that he loves reading and will voluntarily go in his room, rifle around for books and either plop down and "read" himself, or bring us a couple of books to read to him. 

And as I was capturing him "reading," our crazy cat, Oliver, decided he was left out and wanted to join the party. So, as I was sitting in Walker's doorway filming him, Oliver jumped over my shoulder and landed on Walker. Poor Walker was so taken aback, and I guess this makes me the A #1 parent of the year, but we couldn't help but laugh at this! 

We spent the rest of the evening preparing for the week and of course, watching more "House of Cards." 

Hope y'all have a great week! I'm counting down the days until Thursday when my Spring Break starts!!!

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  1. So exciting that it was Walker’s first snow!
    Family cuddle time on the couch looks like perfection!

  2. Love the pictures of the snow. Even though,I have driven in many snow storms, it still makes me really nervous. Happy Monday.

    1. Happy Monday to you, too! I can't stand driving in the snow. Makes me so so nervous.

  3. Love your background all the lights are so cute ;) Happy Monday
    Chelsea @

    1. Thank you! I love them, too! So cheery back there. :)

  4. I love that video of Walker reading!! It is a riot!!

    1. HAHAHA thank you! We laugh so hard we cry every time we watch it.


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