Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Since I'm not doing monthly "Walker" posts now that he's one, I thought I'd do some random "Walkerisms" and a few highlights of our sweet boy from time to time. I'm sure these will get funnier and funnier the more he can talk, but for now I'm letting it serve as a little highlight reel/snapshot of our little man. 

He's currently 13 months old, 26.5 pounds and into every. single. thing. 

He definitely has my personality and lack of patience, that's for sure. We have really been having some "battles of the will" as of late, and if the temper tantrums he throws now are any indication of the Terrible Twos, we are in for it! However, with his little temper, he also has a sweet, sweet side. He will kiss and love on you all day long if you let him! He makes the sweetest "mmmm-ahhh" sound when he plants a big ol' kiss on your face or lips. 

He absolutely loves to read, and that makes my heart so happy. He will go to his bins of books in either his room or the living room, rifle around, choose a book {or a "buh," as he says}, and bring it to you with his arms held up in the air. We will read book after book after book and he never tires of it. Currently, his favorites are: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", "I Love You, Honey Bunny," and "Daddy Kisses." I'm telling you, I recite the lines of those books in my sleep. But I know the day will come when he doesn't want to sit in my lap and read, so I'll read those books 500 more times until that day comes. 

And, I'd much prefer for him to read books than watch TV shows! We have tried to see if he'll watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or something similar on the Disney Junior channel, but he has absolutely zero interest. He'll watch for about a minute or two, and then wander off to go play with his toys. 

He adores being outside and will actually cry when we try to bring him inside. It's sadly hilarious! He loves playing on his jungle gym and riding in his car. Inside, he daily walks around with the golf clubs from his toy golf set like a cane, which is also hilarious. He enjoys riding on his airplane, playing with puzzles and figuring out his shape sorter. He also loves bath time and music - he will "dance" anywhere music is playing!

He is really turning into a little "Pete Repeat," as we like to say. Anytime I'm on the phone in front of him and hang up, saying "bye," Walker will blow a kiss and say, "Mmmm-aaah!" 

He says: Mama, Dada, Daddy, bye-bye, "buh" {for "book"}, uh-oh, ball, Papa, TaTa, cat and duck. 

He understands so much, which is actually quite frightening to me sometimes; they truly are sponges. He had one sock on the other day, and I said to him: "Walker, please go get me your sock." He looked at me for a second, tilted his head and then turned around and walked off. He came back about a minute later carrying his sock and handed it to me. I was astonished! He has since done the same thing with multiple objects, including his ball and books. 

He also shakes his head no - especially when he knows he shouldn't be doing something. {For example, throwing his cup off of the side of his highchair.} The latest development is shaking his head yes, which for some reason I find really funny. 

My favorite thing is he'll clap for himself when he does something well or correct. He gets this huge grin on his face and will just clap and clap and clap. 

He is still a really good eater, and he eats strictly what we eat. For breakfast, he has a Nutrigrain bar and a yogurt pouch, and for lunch it's either what's on the menu at "school" or I'll pack him leftovers from what we had the night before. For dinner, he'll have what we have. In the event that it's too spicy or a salad, he'll eat chicken and stars soup or sweet potatoes/quinoa mixture. 

He is a little picky on some things, but I've noticed it's more on the consistency side of things. For example, he loves spaghetti, but spits out egg noodles. 

He also signs "more" -- especially at the table when he wants more food -- and "thank you."

He's still a great sleeper, though he's been fighting us to go down for naps. He still sleeps from about 7-7:30 p.m. - 7 a.m., with two naps in between. Depending on the busyness of the day, he'll take usually about a 45 minute nap and then about an hour or 1.5 hour nap. 

He's in size 12-18 months clothes {more so on the 18 month side}, and 18-24 month pajamas. The bathing suit I got him for his Easter basket is a 2T. My little chunky monkey! My favorite places to shop for him are Gap, Old Navy, Target, Carter's {for some things} and Zulilly. And as many cute clothes I have for him, he would rather wander around naked as a jaybird; getting him dressed is a battle!

So there you have our little Walker! Hope y'all have a happy Tuesday! 



  1. His little face is just too precious!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. That last picture of the two of you?! Perfection! I hope you frame it asap!
    He is such a sweet boy! Mia is obsessssssed with being outside as well!

  3. this is so sweet. How wonderful to know all the "little" details about your dear boy. Thanks for sharing!! I can tell how much you adore and love your little guy!


  4. This is so fun. It'll be great to look back on for sure! He is such a little cutie! xo

  5. Aw! I love that he loves to read! That picture of him in the chair reading is the cutest! My little girlie is totally an outside baby too! I can walk outside and she'll instantly calm down. Love that safety net!

  6. This is such a sweet post and great to remember everything that's going on now. I'm also encouraged by it! My niece was here this weekend (same age as Walker) and she was crazy running around the house! It made me nervous about when CHP is a 1yo ha. It's nice to read about Walker's eating, sleep, and playing routines!

  7. Aww love this post - so precious!! That's a great story about the sock :)


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