Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday | My Perfect Easter Menu

I don't know about where you are, but growing up in the South, Easter was always a really big deal. I always got a new dress {and typically a hat until I was old enough to not want to wear them anymore}, my mom curled my bangs - and poufed them into oblivion - and after church, we had Easter lunch at my Nana's. 

Granted, I still get a new Easter dress, but I no longer pouf my bangs {thank goodness!} or wear a hat and we still go to church on Easter Sunday. But one thing I can't let die is having Easter lunch! My in-law's don't ever really do this - which is so weird to me! - so it's up to me to keep the tradition going for our little family since I'm 200+ miles away from mine. 

So, that being said, below is what I grew up eating for Easter lunch and what I'm planning to carry on again this year. 

My perfect Easter menu: 

Honey Baked Ham via Chew Out Loud

Cheesy Potatoes via lilluna

Layered Salad via Blue Eyed Bride

Deviled Eggs via Six Sisters Stuff

Sister Schubert's Rolls {only the best ever!} 

Buttermilk Pie via Kasey at Time 2 Save

What do y'all eat for Easter lunch?

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  1. Yum!! I'm coming over. :) We used to do a family Easter dinner and get dressed up, but now we don't do much. Hopefully that will change with a baby in the mix!

  2. Dude - Forget my Families Easter - I am coming down to you.

    When I met Klay - his parents have the Easter Breakfast/Brunch thing. Usually an egg casserole, pancakes or frenchtoast, quiche - a ham...

    We don't dress up there, but this year, my new niece is being Christened on Easter Sunday, and we will have to get dressed up for that! Mwa-hahahaha, another epic opportunity to get my husband to wear dress pants.

    Love these recipes!

  3. I'm hosting Easter again this year and was just thinkng about my menu last night! I might borrow a couple of these recipes!

  4. This looks so good! My Easter traditions were similar. I can't wait to celebrate CHP's first holiday. I was looking at your post about Walker's first Easter basket for some ideas! I already have her dress and now just need to find one for me!


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