Friday, March 27, 2015


Amen to this: 

I took today off, and am so going to enjoy it with Walker. Since I had to work last Saturday, we're going to just hang out and play. Love me some days off! 

And this is how I feel about work today. Ha! 

We have really been enjoying some gorgeous spring weather here lately after basically almost a completely rainy March. The little man and I have gone on walks every night this week to soak up the sunshine. 

Seriously, why does he look 10 in this picture?! 

Being a mom is hard sometimes, y'all. There are days when Walker cries for an hour because of teething {I hate you, teething!} and I'm just at my wit's end. But then, there are sweet moments that just make it all worth it. 

For example, Walker was freaking the freak out on Monday night. Brandon has been out of town all week and thankfully gets back today. Anyway, I was frustrated with him and was ready to go eat supper and relax for just a minute after I laid him down. As I was rocking him to sleep, he was laying on my chest with his head on my shoulder. All of a sudden, he started patting my shoulder {like I pat his back as we're rocking} and then leaned back and planted the biggest kiss on my lips - complete with the "Mmmm-uuuuaahhh!" sound. It was the sweetest thing ever and I practically melted. Moments like that just make it all worthwhile. And then of course, I missed him the second I laid him in his crib and walked out of the room.

I really am in love with these scalloped shorts from Loft. I can't justify paying $45 for a pair of shorts, but am definitely scooping these up as soon as they go on sale! 

This is probably one of our favorite recipes. I made it Saturday night and have been eating on it all week. Seriously, if you haven't made this before, make it! It's so yummy and easy. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! 

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  1. 40% off everything at Loft today means you should get those shorts! They're super cute. Love your sweet Walker story. I can't wait for baby kisses. Enjoy your long weekend lady!!

  2. I used the same weekend GIF in my post today! TOO FUNNY!!!!

    I love his pictures - he is such a handsome boy!!!

    Teething is the absolute worse - wait until he's WAY bigger and his last set of molars are coming in. That's fun - because he can tell you what it feels like and cries like he is a baby again. So awful.

    And baby kisses are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

    The shirt from the Loft is super cute! I just did some online shopping today! Lots of sales right now!

  3. Those shorts are adorable! Love it! And what a sweet story about Walker. On those rough, long days (we have them so often these days) those sweet moments just make them all wash away, don't they? Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks, as always, for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  4. Those shorts are so adorable, luckily with Loft they always have a sale going on!

    Love that story about Walker, that happens too many times where I am excited for my moment of rest but then miss him the second he is gone!


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