Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Favorite Recent {Drugstore/Cheap} Beauty Finds

I am always on the lookout for cheapie beauty finds. I'm all about my tried-and-true products, but of course willing to budge a little on things that Pinterest labels as "dupes," or just places where I can save a buck or two. 

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I purchased this because my skin is major, major combination skin and I needed something to help control my oiliness in spots {and dryness in spots} now that the weather's getting warmer. This stuff really works and I love that it has a mattifying effect to it, as well, to help control shine. 

I've blogged about this blush before, and I keep going back to buy it. It's an exact dupe of NARS' Orgasm blush and seriously so much cheaper! {About $25 less, to be exact!} I know of a few things I could put $25 toward! :)

Now that it's warming up in Texas - and will soon be in the 100's before we know it - I needed a lighter foundation for my face. If you live somewhere hot in the summers, you know what I'm talking about: melting make-up is no bueno. I picked this stuff up on a whim and I really love it. It comes out of the tube white, but matches your skin tone when you put it on your face. {I purchased the "Light" shade since I'm super pale.} It covers up enough to smooth out my skin and cover up blemishes, but it's not heavy; I feel like my skin can breathe. I do have to use concealer, still, under my eyes and on bigger blemishes, but I definitely like this B.B. Cream a lot more than a heavier foundation 

This isn't super cheap, but it's a great mousse that I found at Target recently! I've told y'all before how I have very thin, fine hair. It's hard to find products that volumize but also don't weigh my hair down. This stuff is a thicker mousse that I apply to my part and at the crown, and I have really noticed a difference with volume - especially after I blow dry my hair. 

I had been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for spring/summer that doesn't wash me out. Like I said, I'm pale, so this is quite a challenge! I did a bunch of research, and this lipstick beat out some of the expensive brands! The only downside is that it does have that distinct cheap lipstick-y smell {if you know what I mean?}, but I do love the color and it lasts a good while. 

I was to the point of needing new make-up brushes for my eyes. I know I probably should, but I hate spending a ton of money on make-up brushes. I just can't justify the cost! I found these little babies on Amazon Prime and really like them! The ones I was using were ones I had bought separately, and I like that these are a part of a set. I feel like they work better, are smoother and honestly, it was just time for a little upgrade. 

Have y'all found any good cheapies lately?

*Links are affiliate. All products have been purchased by me at full price, yo!


  1. Love your beauty reviews! I have not been trying out many new products lately, but am needing to get something lighter for at home everyday post baby and summer. Unfortunately I'm so pale I don't want to invest in something that (hopefully) won't be the right shade in a few months!

  2. I love Nars blush, it's my favorite! Nyx is another favorite and that looks like the case?! I love a good nude lipstick - I need to check that one out!

  3. OOOh that blush - I so need to pick it up... I keep putting it off, and I should just GO AND BUY IT ALREADY!

    Nude lipsticks make me look sort of - - - oh how do you say? - - dead. I need to find a good one as well!


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