Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Proposal Story | Five Years

Friday was the fifth anniversary of Brandon asking me to marry him...which is crazy to think we'll be married for five years this fall! Some of you may be new here or may just not know the story, so I thought I would share our proposal story. Now, we don't celebrate this day like we do our wedding anniversary, but I always think it's fun to bookmark certain dates. We always talk about this day and still laugh about how I threw a wrench in the plans, as per usual! Ha!

March 27, 2010:

Brandon came over to my apartment and we had a totally normal Saturday - so normal that I didn't have any makeup on and had my hair in a ponytail. We started the day out at the Dallas Farmers Market, purchasing some plants for my patio and then had lunch on the patio at a little Mexican restaurant there. Brandon acted totally normal and I suspected nothing. In fact, I even talked to my mom on the phone and she acted totally normal, too, so when I say I had no idea, I really had no idea! 

Then, we went back to my apartment and Brandon asked if I wanted to go walk around White Rock Lake. I said sure, and then he told me he had to take a shower. I thought that was weird since we were going on a walk, but whatever. He then told me he had to go to Jamba Juice to get a smoothie, so I said I'd stay back at the apartment until he got back. It took him for-ev-er, so I actually painted my nails while I waited. Ha! 

Once he finally got back, we drove out to the lake. It had been a really pretty spring day, but in true Texas fashion, the weather changed and started to get blustery and really windy. Brandon parked far away, and I started to act grouchy and told him he needed to park closer. He started to get frustrated with me, but parked closer. Once we got closer and were getting out of the car, he reached in the back of his Jeep for a big white box. I saw it was a box from my favorite cupcake place, Society Bakery. I got super excited and tried to sneak a peek inside the box, but he wouldn't let me. It was then that I started to get suspicious. {He went to get the cupcakes when he said he was going to get a smoothie from Jamba Juice.} 

He walked me out onto a dock on the lake. I sat down on a post and he stayed standing. He asked me what kind of cupcake I wanted, and I said, "Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing, if you have it. If not, Red Velvet, please." {Of course, Brandon proposing to me with food. Ha! He knows the way to my heart!} Anyway, he said, "Well, I have a red box, would that work?" And then he got down on one knee and said something that I can't remember, and then said, "Will you be my wife?" 

Of course I said "yes" and then this guy parked at the end of the dock even honked his horn and yelled, "Congratulations!" Then, some biker pulls up and I notice it's Brandon's older brother, Jeff. He was supposed to photograph the whole thing {disguised as a biker}, but because I made Brandon park closer, his brother missed it! Leave it to me to ruin a surprise... 

Then, we got married 6.5 months later! 


Monday, March 30, 2015


Happy Monday, y'all! We had such an awesome {albeit jam-packed} weekend; one of those when seeing the weekend end is a major bummer. But let's get to it, shall we?

I took off work, and Walker and I had a fun time spending some time together. 

We started our day at Kroger...and let me tell you, the grocery store at 8 a.m. on a Friday is a dead - yet absolutely amazing - place. Even with the little man in tow, we were in and out in 30 minutes. That has to be some sort of record!

After a quick nap {and an outfit change for Walks}, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A. He waved at every. single. person. in the restaurant; ha! Kid is just like his mama and never meets a stranger! 

We ran a few errands and then I took Walker over to my in-law's to play with my nephew, as my mother-in-law was watching him for the day. The boys had so much fun dumping these little rocks she had for decoration into and out of little sand buckets...who would have thought!? 

Then, I took Walker for a quick hair trim; he was getting a little shaggy! Ha! He did so great and I even succumbed and let the lady give him a sucker. Needless to say, he was obsessed with that thing and got so mad when I tried to take it away!

Brandon made it home from his monthly week-long business trip {without a bag and majorly delayed, thanks, American!}, so he was happy to be home and we were happy to have him home! 

It was a beautiful, cool spring evening, so Brandon lit a fire in the chiminea, and we had some friends over to just hang out and visit on the patio. We chatted until almost midnight, so this mama was pretty dang tired on Saturday morning! #inormallygotobedat9

Liz came over to take Walker's one-year portraits {two months late...oops!}, so we were up and at 'em! I can't wait to see those sweet pictures; Liz does such a great job and I think he had a pretty precious subject. ;) {If you're in the DFW area, be sure to check Liz out. We love her!} 

We had a lot of yard work to do, so after Walker's pictures, we ran to Home Depot to get some flowers, soil and mulch. Ignore my shirtless husband back there {!}, but Walker and I had snacks on a blanket in the front yard while Brandon did the majority of the yard work. {Love you, honey! Ha!} 

Loving our pretty new flowers...just ready for our knockout roses to bloom! 

After Walker's nap, we did lots of playing in the backyard. And seriously, little boys in ball caps = so precious! #meltmyheart 

After a yummy supper, we got Walker in his new "Brown Bear" jammies. His absolute favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" so when I saw these PJs on Amazon, I had to scoop them up! He was so excited when I brought them into the bathroom for Brandon to put on him. Like literally, he shrieked. It was so cute! 

We started our day doing Walker's favorite thing: reading. But seriously, we start our day like this daily. Kid loves to read! 

Then, we went to church and had leftovers at home for lunch. While Walker took a nap, Brandon ran to Home Depot to get some play sand and got Walker's sandbox all ready in the backyard. 

When Walker woke up and saw the sandbox all set up with his toys, he got so excited! He refused to sit in the sandbox for a long time, but finally got in there. Also? The cap. Love it! Brandon and I commented that that was about the longest Walker has been still in one place in about six months. 

And what's a warm spring afternoon without a run through the sprinklers?! Brandon had to replace a sprinkler head and then test the sprinklers, so we stripped Walker down to his diaper and let him run wild. He had too much fun out there! 

I made a quick Target run and then made supper for us. Then, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I'm loving all of this extra daylight that comes with Daylight Saving Time! 

Once Walker was down, I got a few things picked up around the house and did my Easter chalkboard. I'm hosting Easter lunch on Sunday, so I've got lots more cleaning and picking up to do, but I'll get there...I hope! 

I'm only working three days this week, so I hope they go by quickly. I took off on Thursday and our district is closed Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for a painless week 'round these parts. 

Happy Monday! Hope y'all have a great week!

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Friday, March 27, 2015


Amen to this: 

I took today off, and am so going to enjoy it with Walker. Since I had to work last Saturday, we're going to just hang out and play. Love me some days off! 

And this is how I feel about work today. Ha! 

We have really been enjoying some gorgeous spring weather here lately after basically almost a completely rainy March. The little man and I have gone on walks every night this week to soak up the sunshine. 

Seriously, why does he look 10 in this picture?! 

Being a mom is hard sometimes, y'all. There are days when Walker cries for an hour because of teething {I hate you, teething!} and I'm just at my wit's end. But then, there are sweet moments that just make it all worth it. 

For example, Walker was freaking the freak out on Monday night. Brandon has been out of town all week and thankfully gets back today. Anyway, I was frustrated with him and was ready to go eat supper and relax for just a minute after I laid him down. As I was rocking him to sleep, he was laying on my chest with his head on my shoulder. All of a sudden, he started patting my shoulder {like I pat his back as we're rocking} and then leaned back and planted the biggest kiss on my lips - complete with the "Mmmm-uuuuaahhh!" sound. It was the sweetest thing ever and I practically melted. Moments like that just make it all worthwhile. And then of course, I missed him the second I laid him in his crib and walked out of the room.

I really am in love with these scalloped shorts from Loft. I can't justify paying $45 for a pair of shorts, but am definitely scooping these up as soon as they go on sale! 

This is probably one of our favorite recipes. I made it Saturday night and have been eating on it all week. Seriously, if you haven't made this before, make it! It's so yummy and easy. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday | My Perfect Easter Menu

I don't know about where you are, but growing up in the South, Easter was always a really big deal. I always got a new dress {and typically a hat until I was old enough to not want to wear them anymore}, my mom curled my bangs - and poufed them into oblivion - and after church, we had Easter lunch at my Nana's. 

Granted, I still get a new Easter dress, but I no longer pouf my bangs {thank goodness!} or wear a hat and we still go to church on Easter Sunday. But one thing I can't let die is having Easter lunch! My in-law's don't ever really do this - which is so weird to me! - so it's up to me to keep the tradition going for our little family since I'm 200+ miles away from mine. 

So, that being said, below is what I grew up eating for Easter lunch and what I'm planning to carry on again this year. 

My perfect Easter menu: 

Honey Baked Ham via Chew Out Loud

Cheesy Potatoes via lilluna

Layered Salad via Blue Eyed Bride

Deviled Eggs via Six Sisters Stuff

Sister Schubert's Rolls {only the best ever!} 

Buttermilk Pie via Kasey at Time 2 Save

What do y'all eat for Easter lunch?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Favorite Recent {Drugstore/Cheap} Beauty Finds

I am always on the lookout for cheapie beauty finds. I'm all about my tried-and-true products, but of course willing to budge a little on things that Pinterest labels as "dupes," or just places where I can save a buck or two. 

one // two // three 

four // five // six 

I purchased this because my skin is major, major combination skin and I needed something to help control my oiliness in spots {and dryness in spots} now that the weather's getting warmer. This stuff really works and I love that it has a mattifying effect to it, as well, to help control shine. 

I've blogged about this blush before, and I keep going back to buy it. It's an exact dupe of NARS' Orgasm blush and seriously so much cheaper! {About $25 less, to be exact!} I know of a few things I could put $25 toward! :)

Now that it's warming up in Texas - and will soon be in the 100's before we know it - I needed a lighter foundation for my face. If you live somewhere hot in the summers, you know what I'm talking about: melting make-up is no bueno. I picked this stuff up on a whim and I really love it. It comes out of the tube white, but matches your skin tone when you put it on your face. {I purchased the "Light" shade since I'm super pale.} It covers up enough to smooth out my skin and cover up blemishes, but it's not heavy; I feel like my skin can breathe. I do have to use concealer, still, under my eyes and on bigger blemishes, but I definitely like this B.B. Cream a lot more than a heavier foundation 

This isn't super cheap, but it's a great mousse that I found at Target recently! I've told y'all before how I have very thin, fine hair. It's hard to find products that volumize but also don't weigh my hair down. This stuff is a thicker mousse that I apply to my part and at the crown, and I have really noticed a difference with volume - especially after I blow dry my hair. 

I had been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for spring/summer that doesn't wash me out. Like I said, I'm pale, so this is quite a challenge! I did a bunch of research, and this lipstick beat out some of the expensive brands! The only downside is that it does have that distinct cheap lipstick-y smell {if you know what I mean?}, but I do love the color and it lasts a good while. 

I was to the point of needing new make-up brushes for my eyes. I know I probably should, but I hate spending a ton of money on make-up brushes. I just can't justify the cost! I found these little babies on Amazon Prime and really like them! The ones I was using were ones I had bought separately, and I like that these are a part of a set. I feel like they work better, are smoother and honestly, it was just time for a little upgrade. 

Have y'all found any good cheapies lately?

*Links are affiliate. All products have been purchased by me at full price, yo!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vox Box Review: Temptations Snacky Mouse

I recently received the Temptations Snacky Mouse from Influenster for our crazy cat, Oliver, to test. The bright yellow box was a fun sight on my front doorstep! {Way brighter and cuter than the regular brown boxes!} 

Inside my box was a Temptations Snacky Mouse cat toy {which came with a small package of Temptations treats} and a big bag of Temptations chicken-flavored cat treats. 

Now, I know don't talk about Oliver on here much anymore. {I definitely used to, but once Walker was born, Oliver wasn't our "baby" anymore. Poor cat. Ha!} But, Oliver is a super playful cat and loves, loves treats. In fact, I buy this brand of treats for his stocking every Christmas. He loves them! So, I definitely knew this would be a fun thing for him to play with and enjoy. {Thanks, Influenster and Temptations for hooking Oliver up!} 

Basically, there is this bobbling mouse that you fill with cat treats and let the cats play with it to get the treats out. 

For the longest time, Oliver had a staring competition with the little Snacky Mouse. He would not touch it unless we were not looking at him, but that's very Oliver. When we would walk away, he'd bat it until a treat came out, eat the treat and watch the mouse bobble. But, when the mouse would stop moving, Oliver lost interest. However, I let him play with it while we were gone to school/work the next day, and came home to a completely empty Snacky Mouse - so clearly Oliver liked it! 

Perhaps it was user error, but I did find the holes in the Snacky Mouse a little too big. I would fill it up and treats would fall out onto the floor before I could let Oliver play with it. But other than that, it was a win and I liked that Oliver got a little workout in working for his treats! 

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 


Monday, March 23, 2015


It's Monday...again! I had an event for work on Saturday morning - and basically I worked all afternoon when I got home - so I don't really feel like I had a weekend, which is kind of a bummer. But oh well; I'm taking off on Friday to hang out with Walker, rest and recoup! And because of a busy weekend, I only have pictures from Sunday. Oops!

We were super cool and made grilled cheeses, Brandon brought home some tomato soup from Panera, and we just hung out. I was so worn out from the week that we were all in bed - asleep - by 8 p.m. It was so amazing to just rest

I was up at the crack of dawn to go to my work event. It was a cool volunteer service activity that more than 2,500 of our students, teachers, staff and parents took part in {kind of like Steppin' Out if you went to Baylor}. And while it was cool, I was kind of bummed to miss my precious Saturday with my little fam! Brandon watched Walker, and when I got home, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A and all went to the grocery store together. 

My aunt came over for supper {I made Annie's chicken enchiladas and Closet Cooking's Esquites} and she hung out with us and helped us get Walker bathed and in bed. He's been acting like a little terror lately and throwing the biggest tantrums. {Sorry, just saying it like it is!} We're praying it's just teething and/or a growth spurt because it's been a battle of the wills lately! 

We went to church, and our pastor preached an awesome sermon on the humanity of Christ - how Jesus was fully God and fully man - and challenged us about giving God our "leftovers": leftover time, leftover money, leftover devotion, etc. It was so powerful that Brandon and I went down front and asked our pastor to just pray over us. With Walker testing our patience and just the busyness of our lives, we felt like we had been giving God our leftovers lately. In my almost 28 years of life - and having been raised in the church - I have never, ever gone down front to pray at the altar. It was a really vulnerable thing for me to do...and it's super vulnerable for me to tell y'all about it. But I'm telling you because I want to challenge you that if you've never done that - or if you feel like you're giving God your leftovers - to just pray about it. Know that because Jesus was fully man when He walked on this earth, he knows what you're going through! I can't tell you how much peace has washed over me since I just shared my vulnerability with Christ yesterday. 

Anyway, after church, Brandon grilled us some homemade hamburgers and then we all took good naps! Then, we went to get frozen yogurt and got our nasty car washed...along with everyone else in DFW! :) {Seriously, the line wrapped around the building!} 

We made a quick Target run and then came home to enjoy the gorgeous weather with a walk! 

After almost three weeks of rain, the sun finally shone and the blue skies were gorgeous! We enjoyed our little peeks of spring on our walk. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

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Friday, March 20, 2015


Y'all, it has been one heck of a week. To say I'm thrilled it's Friday is an understatement! 

I have an event tomorrow morning and I'm so over it. I have tomorrow's event and an event on Wednesday and then I'm home free. Please send me a virtual drink, y'all! {PS: We tried this drink and loved it.}

Brandon talked me into doing a March Madness bracket this year and I'm so mad I took part. All these top-seeded teams losing by one point! {I'm looking at you, Baylor.} I don't even like basketball and I'm enthralled. Ugh, Sic 'Em, Bears.

We are pacifier-free in this house! I totally thought Walker would put up a big fight and it would be a really big deal, but we just took it away cold turkey - just like we did with his formula - and he was fine. I was shocked. I'm fully expecting our next baby to freak the freak out when we take the paci away. Karma, I'm sure.

Do y'all watch "Fixer Upper?" I've told y'all before how we love that show and our Baylor ties to it. But my favorite house they did was the last house in this season! View more photos here.

How cute was this nugget on St. Patrick's Day!? If I wasn't so scary looking in the photos, I'd show you the outtakes. Ha!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler Boys

Since Easter is not far away, I thought I would share some Easter basket ideas for toddler boys today. Walker is a little over 1-year-old, so this is what the Easter Bunny is bringing him in his basket this year. 

Also, is it just me, or did the Easter Bunny freak anyone else out as a child? I was always so weirded out by the thought of a giant bunny sneaking in my house. No, just me? Ha! 

one // two // three

four // five // six 

I might have to find some other small books or something to include in Walker's Easter basket, because genius over here {I'm pointing at myself} ordered him the large basket from Pottery Barn {this one} last year without measuring to see how big it really was. Eeeeek! 

But I love his sweet basket with the plaid liner and his name on it. He will use that thing until he gets married. Ha! 

Happy {almost} Easter!

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