Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Monday! My school district {along with a ton of others in the North Texas area} have cancelled school for today because of sleet. Literally. Welcome to Texas. Although I'm definitely enjoying having an extra day at home with Walker today! 

Let's recap the weekend, shall we? Warning: boring weekend wrap-up below! 

I had been feeling awful all week, and I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor. Turns out, I had a sinus infection and an ear infection. {I didn't even know adults could get those...} After getting loaded up with an antibiotic, a cough suppressant and a nasal spray, I picked up Walker and we came home. Truthfully, I can't even remember what we did Friday night because I just passed out once Walker was in bed. It had been a long week full of sickness, and sleep was just what the doctor ordered...literally. 

Walker slept in until 7:40 a.m., and Brandon brought me breakfast in bed. It was a Christmas miracle! 

We all had some great sleep, including Walker, who woke up with crazy hair. Seriously, this poor child gets his epic bed head from his mama! {Sorry, Walker.}

We spent the day running to the grocery store, catching up on DVR'd TV shows and napping. I was desperate to get well. 

I used this recipe as a guide and took my own spin on it for Saturday night's supper. Brandon dubbed them, "BLATS" for bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and salmon sandwiches. 

Instead of hamburger buns, I toasted sandwich bread. I also added some dill and lemon juice to the avocado before I mashed it up. The recipe doesn't call for bacon, but I added it to this recipe...because, bacon. With the salmon, I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe to bake it, and added some Tony Chachere's and dill, as well. 

So basically, I used the recipe but yeah, not really. ;) 

After supper {which Walker loved, by the way!}, we gave Walker his first bubble bath...which he hated. Womp womp. If he could talk {in full sentences}, he would probably say, "Get these bubbles off of me!" 

We spent the morning cleaning, picking up and allowing me to be raised back to the life of the living. Thank you Lord for antibiotics! 

Walker was looking out the window at this non-weather thinking, "Where is all of this ice and snow you've been referring to, people?" 

We watched the Oscars {my favorite looks coming tomorrow!} and ate our weight in Girl Scout cookies. Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant! 

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  1. I saw that sweet picture of Walker on IG eating his breakfast with his bed head and I mean how sweet is that!!! Enjoy your extra day off! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Hope you're finally feeling better lady!! Walker and the bubbles is too funny!

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Walker is too cute.

  4. Epic bed head... hahah I can totally relate! And that recipe looks amazing!!!!

  5. Baby bed head... is there anything cuter?!!

  6. I love a baby bed head pic! Also, that sandwich sounds delish! I will definitely have to try that, because... bacon. :) Oh! I got an ear infection last year too! I thought the same... I didn't know people above the age of 5 could get those. Hope you're feeling better! xo

  7. Boring weekends are my kind of weekends! Your's sounds like it did the trick, glad you are feeling better!


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