Monday, January 5, 2015


Well, Happy New Year! 

I had grand plans of writing a New Year's Eve post, and a New Year's Day one, and, well...that just didn't happen. Sorry 'bout that! 

So, let's just do an extended weekending post, shall we? Today is my first day back at work in more than two weeks and that's about all my tired brain can muster. 

Wednesday was New Year's Eve, and we were supposed to have Brandon's brothers and their significant others over, but with Walker still sick, we had to cancel. Wahhhh. 

But, we made the best of it and had a yummy cheese platter, baked brie and wine, of course! And since we were exhausted {and old}, we were asleep by 10 p.m. #partyanimals

Baylor played in the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium! Since it was right in our backyard, we purchased tickets and went with my aunt. We didn't know until we got there just how great our seats were: first row in the Baylor end zone! We {thankfully} forked over for a parking pass since it was in the upper 30's and misting rain. And yep, that weather was perfect for a lovely hair day. Walker stayed home with a babysitter, and I was glad I made that last-minute decision since the weather was so nasty and cold; plus, it allowed Brandon and me to fully enjoy the game. 

And yes, Baylor lost by one point. It was seriously the most depressing game ever. However, the only thing that is still making me smile {and my hoarse voice not seem so bad}, is the following play. LaQuan McGowan, Baylor's 390-pound offensive guard, scored a touchdown! It was the best play of the game, by far. Every time they would show him on the big screen at Jerry World, the crowd would just go wild. I can't imagine how happy his mama is! :) 

After the game, we came home for the traditional New Year's Day meal of cabbage, black eyed peas, pork tenderloin and cornbread. {And wine to drown our sorrows.}

We finally took down our Christmas tree! I put everything else up a few days before, but Brandon begged me not take down the tree until after New Year's. The day after was my compromise. ;) 

He and I got it un-decorated, boxed up and put in the attic in about 30 minutes, and then I spent Walker's nap time deep cleaning the living room. And then the bathrooms. And then that turned into our entire house...

But, once it was all done, I was able to sit on the couch and enjoy RHOBH in a clean, clutter-free living room! I kept telling Brandon how much bigger I felt like my house looked without all of that Christmas everywhere. 

That evening, we baby proofed! We already had the outlet covers, etc., but we had to take some extra steps for our almost-walking little man. Brandon put up a baby gate in our hallway that leads to our dining room, front door, bedrooms and bathrooms. {Walker kept going for my china cabinet and that was enough for me to agree to this ugly gate!} 

We also added cabinet locks in the kitchen and bathrooms since little man enjoys going straight for my food processor {yikes} in the kitchen and lotion in the bathrooms. 

And since we have some single cabinets in the kitchen that the double cabinet lock {above} won't work for, we added single baby proof "locks" on them. Brandon was not a fan of installing these and used a couple of choice words in the process! Ha! 

We were super lazy: did laundry, ate leftovers and watched bowl games on TV. We ventured out to Lowe's and got my wedding rings cleaned. {I'm telling you: we're super fun sometimes!} 

Walker spent half of the day in his jammies playing with all of his new toys. I don't think he has enough! ;) 

We went to church, where our pastor's father-in-law preached an excellent sermon about John 7:37. After some discussion and prayer, Brandon and I have decided that our family verse to pray on this year is Zechariah 8:13. Basically, we are asking God to bless us so that we may, in turn, bless others. It was such a great day of worship! 

Before church, the Walker Man and I took a selfie because I couldn't handle his sweet little outfit! 

After church and leftovers, my cousin Robert came over to watch the first quarter of the Cowboys game {GO COWBOYS!}. When he left, we did some final picking up and prepping for us to go back to work today after 2.5 weeks off. {Waaaahhhhh!} 

I hope y'all have an excellent Monday! I'm over here trying to wrap my brain around how dang early it is right now. I'll be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe for you! 

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  1. Baby proofing does not sound like fun. I'm pretty sure I would have trouble opening all of my cabinets after that! haha. Sounds like you had a good end to your vacation though!

  2. Is that herbed goat cheese? If so - IT"S MY FAVORITE!!!!! MMMMM CHEESE PLATTER

    YAY FOOTBALL! And for you looking fabulous! How do you manage that, all of my In the moment pictures I look like a HOT MESS!

    We took down our tree on New Years Day - So nice to have that added space back in our living room!

    BABY PROOFING!!! ACK! Man, I do not miss that! But, when those guys start terrorizing, I mean messing up... uh.... destroying? hehehehe Yeah, when they start MOVING those locks are so worth it.

    :) Happy Monday!

  3. That cheese plate and wine looks delicious! Sounds like such a fun game aside from the loss - so close!


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