Thursday, January 29, 2015

Walker is ONE!

Walker, you are ONE! Since everything is basically the same as last month, I'm using your 12-month post to share some pictures of this past month and an open letter to you. 

My sweet boy,

Everyone told me that the time goes by so quickly, and I never believed them until I looked at you and rocked you in my arms on the eve of your first birthday. This time last year, you were a mere 4 hours and 57 minutes old, and regardless of how exhausted I was, I couldn't stop staring at you and drinking you in. I had waited so long to meet you, to see you - and you were finally here. As cliché as it sounds, our lives weren't complete until you entered them. The second they laid you on my chest, I couldn't stop whispering, "Happy Birthday." I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you, and I knew that I would always do everything in my power to protect you, to fight for you and to love you. 

We brought you home from the hospital and we had zero idea what to do with you. Yes, we had held babies before; rocked them; changed their diapers. But you were ours, and as confident as we were going into the hospital the evening of Jan. 27, we were scared out of our minds when we walked in the door with you the afternoon of Jan. 30. You were this tiny, dainty little thing with a loud - and I do mean loud - cry. You didn't like sleeping, you loved eating and you loved laying on mama's chest. I think we spent our entire first week alternating our nights between the couch and the recliner. 

We slowly but surely figured each other out, and our love for you continued - and continues - to do nothing but grow. The first year is such a big one: you go from not sleeping, eating every two hours, and not even able to hold your head up to walking across our living room and saying "duck" over and over in the back seat of the car while doing your iPad learning app. How this all happened in 12 short months is beyond me. 

I remember feeding you in the middle of the night when you were a little less than a month old. Your daddy was gone on a business trip to who knows where, and I was an exhausted, emotional mess. The Winter Olympics were on {on repeat from their original broadcast earlier the evening before}, and I sat on my phone Googling, "When do babies sleep through the night?" I remember thinking that six weeks {what all the people on the forums said...what do they know?} sounded so far away and wondering if we'd ever get there. 

Now, at one year old, I would give anything to snuggle with you and have you lay on my chest at 2 a.m. All you wanted - and needed - was me. 

This year, we have learned so much and done so much together. From your first time sleeping through the night {which, at that point, your dad and I reacted like we won $1 million in the lottery}; to your first haircut; to the first time you said "mama," we have celebrated the victories. The big ones and the small ones. And we will do that forever: celebrate you, my sweet one. 

As a mom, there is so much that I want to teach you: how to drive a car, how to open the door for women, how to add and subtract, how to tie your shoes. But little do you know, there is so much you're teaching me. You have taught me patience - especially when getting snot out of your nose with the NoseFrida - but you have also taught me how to love unconditionally. 

We are so thankful for you and can't imagine our lives without you in them. Thank you for making us a Mommy and Daddy; we are so thankful God chose us to be your parents. 

As I think back on this year, my heart explodes with love for you. You are such a loving, sweet, precious boy, and God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you. You are a joy and a delight, and we love you to the moon and back. 

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet Walker. We can't wait to celebrate you this weekend! 

Mommy and Daddy 


  1. So sweet! Happy 1st birthday Walker and congrats mom and dad! : )

  2. So sweet. Happy Birthday Walker! And happy anniversary of becoming a mom, lady!

  3. This totally made me tear up! You are an amazing mama and he is so lucky to have you both! Happy Birthday dear Walky!!!!


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