Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recipe: Easy Banana Bites

I have told y'all before how I'm not a baker by any stretch of the imagination. So like I always say, if I put "easy" in the title, you can rest assured it's just that: easy! 

Brandon came up with this little concoction while we were both off work for two weeks this Christmas. We needed something sweet that wasn't a cookie, cake or pie, but that satisfied our craving. So, easy banana bites were born! They most definitely aren't the prettiest dessert in the world, but I think all the good ones aren't. ;) 

You can make a lot or a little {clearly we just made a few, based on the photo below}. I'm going to give you the recipe for a good 2 dozen, but you can double or less the ingredients as you see fit for the quantity you're making. 

We hope you enjoy! 

2 bananas 
24 Nilla Wafers
1 pkg. milk chocolate almond bark 
2 TBSP. creamy peanut butter {can omit} 

1. Lay the Nilla wafers out {flat side up} on a sheet of wax paper. Slice the bananas and set aside.
2. Break up the almond bark and heat in a microwave-safe dish until melted. {I like to use my Pyrex measuring cups.} 
3. Once melted and heated through, mix in the peanut butter until combined. 
4. Using a small spoon, put a thin layer of the melted chocolate on the Nilla wafers. 
5. Place one banana slice on top of the melted chocolate. 
6. Using your spoon again, put a thin layer of melted chocolate over the top of the banana slice, letting it run down the sides. 
7. Let cool/harden for about 10 minutes and enjoy! 

*We have also experimented with adding another Nilla wafer on top of the final chocolate layer, and it's really good, too! We have also dipped the "sandwich" in the chocolate, and that added an extra layer of yummy to it. Try the different combos and let me know what you think! 


  1. OH MAN - I am totally making these.

  2. Oh my YUM. Those look so good!! I'm all about an easy treat idea for those late night cravings! Much better than making an entire batch of cookies. :)


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