Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Over-the-Counter Items You'll Need for Baby

My best friend is having a baby next month {!!!}, and she texted me the other day asking for a list of necessary over-the-counter items she'll need for sweet Austin. So, I texted her the following list and thought I'd share it with all of you soon-to-be mamas who read this blog, too! 

one // two // three

four // five // six

We use this diaper rash cream on Walker and it is a lifesaver. I know a lot of mom's like Boudreaux's Butt Paste or Dr. Smith's cream, but this cream has been the best for us and Walker's sensitive bum. Yes, it's on the pricey side, but we have had the same tub since Walker was born - almost exactly a year ago! This stuff lasts forever. 

I received these pacifier wipes as an "extra" at one of my baby showers, and I had honestly never seen them before. I keep them in my diaper bag at all times, and they seem to taste better to him than a regular wipe. 

Walker hates these things {just because he hates getting his nose wiped}, but they are amazing. They literally dissolve boogers and make their little snot face smell better. 

Again, Walker hates this thing, but we love it. It is so much more sanitary than one of those bulb syringes {seriously, have you seen the inside of one of those?} and I think it does a better job. 

We use this on Walker's chest, under his nose and on the bottoms of his feet when he's congested. Just like it does for adults, I feel like it really helps open him up. 

I heard about this from a friend, and it works wonders for Walker's upset tummy, teething or just plain ol' fussiness. You can find this in the baby aisle of your local drugstore or grocery store. 

I didn't know babies could take kids' Benadryl, but the Urgent Care pediatrician told us they can have small doses {after 6 months}. Walker was able to take 3 mL at 11 months, but check with your pediatrician before giving to your baby. 

We use Baby Aquaphor on Walker's face every night. It works wonderfully for chapped skin from drool, weather or any rubbing. I have also used this on my own cracked hands, too! 

This is a STAPLE in our house. We always, always have baby Tylenol {AKA: Acetaminophen} on hand. You can alternate Tylenol and Motrin {AKA: Ibuprofen} every four hours for things like fever, teething, etc. 

We haven't used these in a while, but they were very helpful when Walker was first home from the hospital. My milk hadn't come in yet and the formula we were supplementing with gave him gas {and a hard tummy}, so these drops helped him go to the bathroom. 

This thermometer is great! I take it with us every time we travel and it gives very precise readings. I have never {and probably never will} do a rectal thermometer on Walker, so this is very helpful. Our doctor uses a similar one, so I figure it's pretty good then! 

See number nine above! :)

These little medication dispensers typically come with any prescription you'll get at the doctor's office and also come in every bottle of infant Tylenol or Motrin I have purchased. However, I recommend buying 4-5 to have on hand just in case. 

I hope this is helpful to y'all! 

*Some links are affiliate. All items have been purchased by me at full-price, yo!


  1. Yes yes yes! The Snot Sucker for sure! I was totally grossed out by this before I had my baby, but it saved our sanity!


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