Friday, January 16, 2015


Y'all! I cannot seem to get it together these days to blog! I'm so sorry I have been MIA and seem to only post on Mondays and Fridays. I promise I will get better next week. Pinky swear. 

We have yet another ear infection 'round these parts, and let me tell you what: I am sick and tired of ear infections. I'm about to go all hippie mumbo-jumbo on this and take Walker to a pediatric chiropractor {because apparently that is supposed to help?} and try a combination of oils my friend Gentel recommended. 

Allow me to tell you the weirdest story ever, mmmkay? 

Brandon and I ordered a new area rug for our living room on Dec. 30 from Home Decorator's Collection. Of course, right after we ordered it, they had a huge sale on rugs; Brandon called them and asked for a comparison discount, and they gave one to us. {Proof that you can get things if you'll just ask!} 

So, for two weeks, we waited for our rug. I kept calling Home Decorator's Collection and their freight company, Seko, because we hadn't gotten the rug. And no one could seem to locate this rug. I was told it was maybe in transit unmanifested {?} and a myriad of other excuses. So, finally, I called them on Tuesday and they seemed to locate it and we had a delivery time set up for today. 

Then I get a call from Brandon yesterday. He says, "I have some news you may or may not like." {Uh-oh.} He then proceeds to tell me that our rug was delivered LAST WEEK to a random person in a town 25 minutes away from us. That man contacted Brandon through LinkedIn, explained the situation, and offered to deliver the rug to us last night. Brandon and I were, of course, quite wary. But, the man told Brandon our name and address was on the rug and described the rug, the order number, color, etc. without Brandon saying anything. 

So, we put a big huge faith and trust in humanity, and sure enough, the {very kind} gentleman delivered our rug to us last night! 


And, as an aside, I got 50% off the rug {plus the $100 discount for the price adjustment at the beginning}, so I only paid about $250 for a big ol' 11x17 area rug. I'll take it! And, I am very thankful to Home Decorator's for making their wrong a right. That's good customer service. 

Here's our living room now, with our traveling rug: 

And we moved the rug that was in our living room into our dining room: 

Still cannot stop binge-watching "Orange is the New Black." Someone please come pry the remote out of my hands! 

We officially have a walker in our house! {Guess he's living up to his name...} 

I have off work on Monday, and I am so looking forward to finally, finally catching up on about three episodes of RHOBH when Walker takes his morning and afternoon naps. Also? Completely a different Real Housewives franchise, but Bethenny Frankel is apparently coming out with Skinny Girl weed? WHAT?! Homegirl needs to just take it down a notch. 

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  1. Wow that is a crazy story, but awesome that you got such a good discount because of it!! Looks great too. Boo to another ear infection. I'm about to jump on the oil train too. I have heard soo many people talk about how it helps fend off infections and such for their kids. Hope he feels better and enjoy your long weekend!!

  2. My son from 3 months old until about 1 1/2 years old had back to back to back ear infections. He was on an antibiotic and drops at least every other month. He needed tubes so badly, but we had to wait until he was big enough. As soon as he got them, **KNOCK ON WOOD** no ear infections since. And he'll be turning 8 in March (holy crap - - - His Birthday is less than two months away ACK!) SO, I am with you, take him to the Pediatric Chiropractor and see what he/she can do. If not, start asking about tubes. Poor little Walker - he needs all his energy so he can WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE! LOOK AT HIM GO! :)

    Skinny Girl Weed - - I have no comments. No nice ones at least.

    AND - I cannot wait until 4p today, so my 3 day weekend can begin!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Boo to Walker being sick again -- I really hope that the oils help him!!!

    LOVE that new rug!!

  4. Yes Skinny Girl weed is taking it a bit far. Maybe, she's going through a midlife crisis or something. And ear infections suck! My daughter used to get them often when she was a toddler. Thankfully, she outgrew them. Hope your little one gets well soon and enjoy your Monday off!

  5. I'm totally slow with the blogging groove too. Hope you're week is going better!! And we have had weird experiences/issues getting rugs from Home Decorators too, but whenever we've had an issue, they've always come through with amazing customer service and a discount! Glad strangers are so nice too - what a great end to the story. Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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