Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Baby Products: 1-Year-Old Edition

The fact that Walker will be ONE next week is crazy to me. I feel like I was just authoring my post of favorite three-month items. {Sniff, sniff!}

Here's what the little man is quite into these days, aside from terrorizing our cat and throwing Puffs all over my house. {Seriously, have you ever stepped on a Puff on a wood floor in the middle of the night? Those things get in the cracks and crevices and I want to rip my hair out sweeping that up.} ANYWAY! 

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three // four 

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"Bear Snores On" {and other board books}: Walker loves to read, and these board books are perfect for his little hands. Plus, I don't mind if they get chewed or drooled on! :)

Munchkin Weighted Straw Sippy Cup: Walker drinks only out of straw sippy cups these days, and the little weight at the end of the straw allows him to get every single drop in his cup. Before, he would leave about 1/4 of his water in his cups, and I realized it's because the straw couldn't move. Now, he can turn this any which way and the water comes out. Why didn't I think of this?!

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair: Walker LOVES this thing! {And, I'm not going to lie, it makes a good time-out chair, too.} He can easily get in and out of it, and sometimes he'll just go over and sit it in for a spell. He also loves pushing it around our living room. You know, perks. 

Pottery Barn Kids Toy Fire Truck: Oh, how we love this truck in our house! It's marketed to 1+ Years, and it's perfect for their little hands. Walker loves to "drive" this thing around the house, and mama loves that they're aren't any little parts that come with it that can be a hazard. And? It doesn't have sirens. Gotta love quiet toys! Ha! 

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter: My mother-in-law gave this to Walker for Christmas, and I'm not going to lie...we were cursing her for buying something with so many little pieces that were constantly stepped out, strewn all over our house and hurt when you stepped on them. But! Now, Walker loves to pull it off the shelf below our coffee table and dump it, then try to put them back where they go. I'll usually sit down with him and try to "teach" him while he's playing. We'll say, "Good job! Red pentagon. Blue square. Yellow triangle," and so on. 

Munchkin Bath Letters + Numbers: These things are amazing! This is basically what Walker "plays" with in the bath, and I love that it's somewhat helpful in the learning department. Like with the shape sorter, we'll sit there and say, "Oh, that's a 'B.' Can you hand me the 'B?'" For some reason, he REALLY loves the red 'B,' so he has giving us that letter down pat. 

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*Some links are affiliate. All products have been purchased by me at full price, yo!

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  1. Love these posts! I come back to them often. I love those Pottery Barn chairs too - they are adorable! Unrelated question - have you done a diapers and wipes post? I'm looking into buying some ahead of time, but am curious what brands everyone loves for what age. Would love your expertise. :)


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